Subang Stray Cat Gets Its Own Tiny 'Kampung' Home And I'm Losing It

It even has an address and windows.

Cover image via @pamellalah (TikTok)

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A very small house on stilts was recently spotted under a tree in Subang Jaya

Is it for a tiny human? No, it's for a cat. A stray cat, y'all.

In what appears to be the SS18 area, Pamella Lim posted a video yesterday, 15 August, of a black and white cat grooming itself in its tiny 'kampung' house, with a roof and multiple windows.

"Never a dull day in Subang Jaya," reads her caption.

The small home even has its own address scribbled on one of the 'walls'...

... which some said makes it easier for the furry home owner to receive 'parcels' or wet food deliveries. Obviously.

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

Orang Subang Jaya ada gaya. Kucing Subang Jaya ada gaya too, okay?

Take a look at how other kind humans have cared for strays around them: