[PHOTOS] Brave Military Doggos Have Served Their Time And Are Now Looking To Retire

Haz served, now iz time for hugs and pats.

Cover image via Ministry of Defence Singapore/Facebook

The time has come for Singapore's four-legged veterans to enjoy their golden years and they look absolutely precious!

The country's Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) recently shared photos, that have since gone viral, of a bunch of loyal dogs looking for loving homes to spend the rest of their lives.

Don't be fooled by their fluffy exterior.

These furry boys have years of experience up their paws, from guarding military installations to sniffing out explosives and narcotics.

To top it off, they've each gone through basic obedience training and regular health checks, including annual vaccination, and a routine heartworm and parasite prevention programme making them well-prepared for their new homes.

MINDEF's website details a profile of each dog, including its name, age, and a short bio

And an adoption drive is currently ongoing until 14 August.

According to its website, the Military Working Dog Unit assures that it will continue to care for any retired dog that has not been adopted.

Brave, loyal, and affectionate, what more could you ask for?

You can check out the full album here:

Meanwhile, these other doggos continue to serve society with their humble acts of service:

Check out more photos of Malaysia's very own four-legged civil servants:

Looking to adopt your own best friend? This local Instagram account can help:

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