This Malaysian Instagram Gives Stray Doggos Cute Resumés So They Can Find Love

Scroll and adopt!

Cover image via My Forever Doggo/Facebook

While most people scroll on Tinder looking for love, a Malaysian Instagram account has made it easier for stray dogs to find forever homes

@My Forever Doggo (MFD) is a non-profit online service dedicated to finding loving homes for dogs in animal shelters across Klang Valley

Its belief is that every dog deserves a chance to be seen, loved and cared for – regardless of their age, size, breed, and shelter location

Founded in 2018 by five friends - Aaron Woon, Elisa Khong, Martin Perez, Khailee Ng, and Judith Yeoh - MFD has already seen a successful adoption rate of 20% since its launch.

The organisation partners with several animal pounds such as PAWS, SPCA, and independent rescuers

It also works with volunteer photographers who conduct mini professional photoshoots for the dogs in hopes of improving their chances of adoption.

Each dog featured on the account comes with its own cute description about its gender, age, personality, and likes

True to its tagline, 'Adopt Don't Shop', MFD encourages potential dog owners to give shelter dogs a chance. 

"Many Malaysians are not aware that countless of dogs are being abandoned or left to die each day, and if it were not for no-kill animal shelters, these poor furkids would probably be badly diseased, left for dead on the streets, or euthanised," MFD wrote in a press release to SAYS.

"Both of my dogs are rescued. At the time of adoption, my Shih Tzu was nine years old, lived a life of abuse and was scheduled to be put down by the shelter (due to his old age). My seven-year-old Pomeranian was a puppy mill victim and discarded at a vet when she could no longer breed," MFD's co-founder Elisa Khong explained.

Having them in my life for the past six years, I feel like they've done more for me than I have for them.

"They've taught me love and acceptance and provided me with hours of snuggles, comfort, and laughter. My dogs are no different from the other shelter dogs still waiting for their forever homes."

"Yes, there may be some dirt on the little fluff upon your first meet - but we see them as diamonds with a little dirt on them," Khong added.

"Who would pass on a dirty diamond, when all that is needed is a bit of soap and water to unveil the sparkle?"

All dogs featured on MFD have been spayed or neutered and vaccinated.

For those who are interested to home a dog and receive unconditional love, contact the team at @myforeverdoggo on Instagram.

If you have leftover food from events, this project will help to collect and donate it to stray animals:

Unable to commit to adopting a pet? You can also occasionally volunteer at these animal shelters in Klang Valley:

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