We're Losing It At These Photos Of PDRM's Dogs And Their Handlers

Really good bois.

Cover image via Royal Malaysia Police/Facebook

Since ancient history, dogs have been man's best friend - protecting them, loving them, and being that fluffy cuddle after a long day

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But aside from being great buddies, dogs have been ideal police officers solving crimes and sniffing out suspects in Malaysia

Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) recently posted photos of its K-9 unit and we just can't get enough of these really good bois!

The four-legged detectives were seen looking dapper next to their handlers at a ceremony on Friday, 22 November

Just a bunch of good bois making their way downtown, walking fast, faces pass...

It's no walk in the park though. The K-9 unit is held in high regard by police for helping solve cases, from kidnappings to murder.

Here are shots of them in action during the ceremony.

According to Cilisos, these dogs are trained to sniff out dead bodies, drugs, possible firearms or explosives, and used to help find missing items or people.


During the recent ceremony, a 12-year-old German Shepherd named Urby received a medal for helping solve a murder case:

Looking for a best friend of your own? Check out this Instagram account:

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