Someone Spilled Milk And Found The Best 'Hack' To Wipe It Up Without Wasting It

No towels needed.

Cover image via @love_kitten71 (TikTok)

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When you're in the kitchen, accidents can happen, whether you're cooking or making a drink.

One person, however, has recently discovered a 'hack' to cleaning up a spill.

A TikTok video posted by @love_kitten71 has received over 807,000 likes at the time of writing for sharing a useful, humorous tip if you ever spill something in the kitchen. 

In the video, one can see that they spilled what appears to be milk on a countertop, while trying to blend a drink.

Instead of reaching for a cloth to wipe it up, the video then shows them grabbing a rather unlikely 'item'

Seen patiently waiting in the background are a dog and cat.

The selected candidate to clean up the mess? The cat.

The 'hooman' rushes to carry the cat towards the counter.

As if it understood its assignment, the cat begins to lap up the milk immediately.

They plop the cat down on the counter to finish up its work, while turning to the next candidate β€” the dog

With the point of a finger, the dog is summoned to clean up the spill on the floor.

And without hesitation, the dog walks over to the area and starts licking it up. 

Mission accomplished

Concisely captioned with two words: "Don't waste", the video ends with the person showing a thumbs up sign as its two furry companions are in the background leaving no crumbs. Literally. 

Joining in on the humour, here's how some people responded in the comments

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

Honestly, what will we do without our fur buddies? T.T

They bring so much joy with all their antics:

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