Delivery Rider Takes Photo Of Buyer's Oyen With Parcels After Dropping The Packages Off

Oyen is back and stealing people's hearts.

Cover image via @coffeedcat (TikTok)

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Pets are some of the most delicate creatures that bring joy into the lives of those who choose to own them.

But the odds are that if you're in love with your pet, so are other people — including random strangers.

A recent TikTok has made waves all over the Internet after one delivery rider found an adorable cat that he absolutely couldn't resist.

Taken in Indonesia, the 16-second feature shows CCTV footage of the outside of the poster's house. At the beginning of the clip, the unnamed deliveryman can be seen placing a couple of packages on the foot of the entrance of the TikTok user's home. Sitting casually on the steps is an adorable orange cat. 

After putting the parcels down, the delivery rider proceeds to pick the cat up and place her next to the packages. Almost instantly, the man pulls out his phone and takes a picture of the cat next to the items. He even adjusts the placement of the items before taking a second photo, making sure he got just the right shot.

Screen grab from the TikTok.

Image via @coffeedcat (TikTok)

In a digital receipt of the items, the rider attached a photo he took under the bill, as proof of the delivery. As anticipated, the cute oyen is in the picture, too.

Unfortunately, the cat was seen looking at the packages and not at the camera.

The delivery receipt and photo at the end of the TikTok.

Image via @coffeedcat (TikTok)

The TikTok has accumulated almost eight million views and 700,000 likes on the platform since it was posted

Warming the hearts of many, multiple people praised the delivery man for being gentle with the cat when taking the photos.

"I will definitely rate this delivery man a 10/10!" wrote one user.

However, the jokes were in full force, with multiple people making puns of the cat receiving the parcels instead of her owner.

"Okay, the cat got the parcels," joked one user.

One user even mentioned how the rider must have taken more photos than what was attached to the digital receipt.

"What he uploaded as proof was one photo. The other 9999999 photos he sent to his mother and father," he joked.

Nevertheless, multiple users said that this occurrence is not something new, as many described their experience with other delivery riders 'dropping off' packages to their pets, too.

"I relate to this! At my house, even though I have received the parcel, the rider will write that my cat accepted the package instead," said one user in a light-hearted manner.

After doing our own sleuthing, we discovered that the oyen in question goes by the name Peipei, and shares the online spotlight with three other cats

The TikTok page, which goes by the handle @coffeedcat, is named after one of Peipei's other 'siblings', Coffee. Alongside Coffee, Peipei also lives with Mocca and Uyu, who happen to be Coffee's biological siblings.

Nevertheless, Peipei has definitely made a name for herself, standing out on the platform for her clear warmth with strangers.

Peipei on Coffee's Instagram page.

Image via @coffeedcat (Instagram)

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