Hilariously Cute, 'Kepoh' Cat Goes Viral For Continuously Staring Into Owner's New CCTV

The cutest staredown.

Cover image via Lokum Cat แมวตุรกี (Facebook)

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A cat owner who recently put up a new closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera in their home were blessed with the best footage ever

Sitting quietly and staring intently into the camera was a white and black cat looking as baffled as can be. 

While most would've just been curious for awhile then moved on, this fluff ball was captured looking quite perplexed by its new 'guest' over the course of... several HOURS

The timestamp shows that these adorable moments took place on 7 July throughout the day.

Speaking to SAYS, its owner Thananda, who's currently in Turkey, shared that the eight-month-old cat's name is Lokum.

Nobody knows what Lokum was doing in between the timings, but it seemed that he would look deeply into the camera at multiple times from that morning until evening. 

At one point, even Thananda's husband was caught looking at it, while Lokum continued to stare into the camera

As the day passed, the cat progressively changed positions, with its eyes still fixated

Its owner shared the photos on Facebook that have since gone viral, with one post garnering over 38,000 shares. 

Thananda with Lokum.

Image via Provided to SAYS

You can check out the original post here

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