Cat Goes Viral For Looking Like A Dad Who Fell Asleep On The Couch


Cover image via @necode67 (Twitter)

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Ever looked at someone and thought, "Damn, why do you look so comfy?"

Like a sole breadwinner who just came back from its 9 to 5 job, this fluffball was seen in deep sleep...

... with its paws resting across its belly after a long, tiring day

Unbeknown to the feline, its sleeping position has become somewhat of a joke on the Internet, thanks to its loving caretaker who snapped a photo of it in one of its most vulnerable moments

Since 6 September, @necode67's tweet has been retweeted over 95,800 times and received over 413,200 likes.

Like everything that goes on the Internet, the poor thing has become the subject of ruthless shame

One person turned it into a meme:

While another wrote that the photo is better zoomed in:

This other person made it out of clay:

Another claimed that the cat looked very similar to a tote bag they'd just bought and someone even shared a side-by-side comparison:

In a follow-up tweet, @necode67 shared a photo of the cat who appeared to have awakened from its slumber

The disrespect, I tell ya.


Done with life? These other cats feel you too:

Speaking of naps, look at these hammies:

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