[VIDEO] Black Cat Shows Epic Reaction To His Wife Splashing Milk All Over His Face

SAYS reached out to the hooman of the cats and she said that the female cat always has trouble drinking water and milk.

Cover image via Suphakchan Pantana (Facebook)

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A video showing a cat drinking milk and splashing it all over her husband's face has gone viral, amusing hundreds of thousands of netizens on Facebook

In the five-second long video, a grey-furred cat can be seen drinking milk from a bowl while a black cat sits across from it, watching.

However, what tickles netizens is the fact that the grey furball seems to have trouble drinking her milk, thus causing the milk to be splashed onto the black cat every time her tongue hits the milk.

In the caption of the video, written in Thai, it is mentioned that the cats are a couple.

At the time of writing, the video has gone viral with over 87,000 shares and has garnered 28,000 likes

Speaking to SAYS, the owner of the cats — Suphakchan Pantana — said that the grey furball is called Gyoza, while her partner is called Nalin. They are a 'married' couple.

Suphakchan explained that Gyoza was wearing a pet cone because she just underwent surgery to give birth to four kittens.

She shared that Gyoza has always been making a mess while she drinks because "her face is short and her tongue is long".

When asked if she had ever tried to let Gyoza drink from a pet bottle, the mother of the cats said she "still make a mess. I tried already".

She also shared photos with this SAYS writer taken after the video. In them, they show Nalin's face covered with droplets of milk before he walks forward to drink the remaining milk that his wife could not finish.

Suphakchan said Nalin's facial expression in the video tells her that he "buay tahan" (can no longer tolerate) his wife

Supchakchan said she does not have an Instagram account for her adorable cats but you can follow her on her personal account — @januaryxox — where she occasionally shares random antics of her cats in photos and videos. 

The hooman added that she has been the mother of Nalin for four years and Gyoza for two years, which are also their ages. She has six adult cats in total, not including the four kittens.

Watch the hilarious video of Gyoza and Nalin here:

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