Rapid KL Holds Press Con But Kitty Steals The Spotlight


Cover image via Rapid KL (Facebook)

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On Saturday, 17 July, Rapid KL held a press conference about the opening of a vaccination centre (PPV) at Putra Heights LRT Station

Speaking at the event was Prasarana Group's chief human capital officer Tomin Salikan.

However, a little someone seemed to have been the centre of attention instead.

Sitting in front of Salikan's feet was a white and orange mix cat looking pretty dapper for the conference

Donning a small bell around its neck, the look on its face says it all: Dressed fine as hell and here for important meetingz.

Don't be fooled though. Other photos captured the feline boss getting slightly distracted by a microphone cable midway through.

Being a cute boss sometimes requires a little downtime to socialise with the people too.

Naturally, the photos caught the Internet's attention as many responded with cheeky replies to the cat's position

"It's the real CEO. It's the chief of hanging around at LRT stations," one person wrote.

Image via Facebook

"Is the white one a new CEO?" another questioned.

Image via Facebook

"It wants to be the Chief Officer of Animal Capital. Should give it a table and gather the meows from other stations," another commented.

Image via Facebook

Meanwhile, someone asked Rapid KL's admin if there was an empty position for his cat to be hired.

Image via Facebook

A Rapid KL's spokesperson told SAYS that this unnamed cat often hangs out at Putra Heights LRT station and is well fed by its staff and cleaners.

Take a look at the Facebook post below:

Rapid KL recently introduced three of its cutest employees:

Some cats are really out there trying to contribute to society: