Meet Rapid KL's 3 Kitty Employees Who Pretend To Do Their Jobs

Their names are Si Kacak, Si Cantik, and Zorro.

Cover image via Rapid KL (Facebook)

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Rapid KL recently introduced three of its cutest employees

While everyone works hard to put food on the table, the company revealed in a Facebook post today, 13 July, that these furry cats are seen at various LRT stations, mostly "slacking during work hours".

"But who could deny these cute faces?"

The first culprit is Si Kacak, "the most delinquent of cats", who often enjoys looking out for passengers at LRT Dato' Keramat

"He is slick and fast on his tiny feet. He enjoys getting in the way of people passing the AFC (automatic fare collection) gates," reads the Facebook post.

When he's not doing that, Si Kacak has earned a reputation for sleeping on the job, as the cat has often been reported to have dozed off on the gates many times.

"We really need to supervise this cat when he's on the job," Rapid KL adds.

Si Kacak is a total mood though. How to not love this silly, grumpy face?

The second adorable employee is Si Cantik, who has been guarding LRT Wangsa Maju since 2019

According to Rapid KL, Si Cantik is a firm believer of Prasarana's HoRMAT principles.

"She once worked [at] the counter to aid any passengers in need of help, and she nailed it!"

On top of being a bundle of cuteness, Si Cantik apparently greets passengers with lots of respect.

Last and definitely not least is Zorro

"With a patch over his eyes, the name Zorro is indeed befitting for this furry friend."

According to the company, this little trooper is "famous for intently spying on people going in and out of LRT Taman Melati station. His eyes are always on the roti boy stall too."

The company shares with SAYS that all three cats were once strays before they were adopted by the stations. And they receive lots of love and attention from both passengers and staff. On the occasion, they even get to enjoy extra food from passengers. 

If you see these cuties at the stations, don't forget to tag @myrapidkl!

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