[VIDEO] Stray Dog Wanders Into Philippines Mall And Gets 'Hired' As Security Guard

His name is Dogdog.

Cover image via Jan Mart Calimpong (Facebook) & ONE CAVITE (Facebook)

Recently, a video of a stray dog chilling inside a shopping centre in the Philippines went viral

In the video shared by Facebook user Jan Mart Calimpong, the dog was seen gently being escorted away from the mall by security guards.

The incident took place in Vista Mall Taguig, Manila.

The video received 117,000 likes and 36,000 shares on Faceboook.

The security teams were praised for being kind and compassionate towards the dog

"Though this dog entered the mall premises unnoticed, I was glad he was not treated harshly when sent back outside [and] instead, the guard escorted him like he was their pet," Calimpong wrote.

The dog has since been adopted as part of the mall's security team and is named Dogdog

One of the security guards, Rico Bucan told that Dogdog always joins them whenever they have their guard mounting.

"He grew up here in the mall where I work. He is such a kind dog," he added.

The chairman of the security agency also commended the guards' professionalism in handling the incident.

Watch the video here:

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