'Lao Wu' Is The First Dog To Receive Appreciation Award From Pahang Police


Cover image via Bernama/New Straits Times & New Straits Times/Pahang PDRM

Meet 'Lao Wu'.

A Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) German Shepherd who is the first dog to receive an appreciation award from the Pahang police.

On Tuesday, 11 February, the five-year-old dog was awarded the Jasamu Dikenang medal for helping catch a theft suspect in Pahang during an incident in November last year

According to New Straits Times, Lao Wu received the medal from Pahang police chief Abd Jalil Hassan, who was represented by his deputy Datuk Mohd Yusri Hassan Basri.

Sergeant S Sanmugam, who has been Lao Wu's handler since 2015, proudly placed the medal around the dog's neck.

The vehicle theft suspect was shot in the leg by police but had fled more than four kilometres at an oil palm plantation in Felda Sungai Tekam, Jerantut

"We began the search for the suspect at 1.45am and just 50 metres from where we started, Lao Wu found a blood-stained T-shirt left behind by the suspect," Sanmugam said, according to Free Malaysia Today.

"Lao Wu was so excited to find the suspect that he tugged hard and I fell down twice due to the uneven surface in the plantation. We arrived at a home where the owner said a man had asked for help after he was shot."

Lao Wu and his handler Sergeant S Sanmugam standing together (middle).

Image via Bernama/Utusan Borneo

Several hours later, Lao Wu led the team to a river where the dog insisted on crossing indicating that the suspect was on the other side.

Turned out, Lao Wu was right.

Bloodstains were found nearby, as Lao Wu went back and forth a few times between the plantation and the main road.

The dog then led the raid team to a house where the man was found in a weak state.

"The suspect had also admitted that he had a few times walked to the main road to wait for a friend who was going to pick him up," Sanmugam recalled.

"But he had to return to the plantation because his friend [had] not [shown] up."

Well done, Lao Wu! Somebody give this really good boi a steak.

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