Confused Cat Can't Figure Out How To Drink From Water Fountain & Malaysians Try To "Help"

The cat be like, "Hmm, suspish..."

Cover image via @heyypaann (Twitter) & @hnaamohd (Twitter)

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A cat owner recently went viral after asking Twitter for help on how to get his kitty to drink out of a new water fountain

Muhammad Noor Farhan, an entrepreneur and photographer, tweeted on Wednesday, 1 September, asking for ways to make his cat, Miki, drink out of the water fountain.

"He looks like he's worshipping the water. Not drinking and zoning out further," he tweeted.

The tweet garnered 12,200 retweets and 27,200 likes at the time of writing. 

Farhan told SAYS that he bought the water fountain because Miki doesn't really drink plain water and has only been drinking a lot of milk

"I was kinda worried so I bought the fountain because people said it can help," he said.

Farhan shared that he had bought the water fountain from Shopee a few days back but Miki only figured out how to drink from it yesterday.

"I saw him licking the water from the fountain so I guess mission success? HAHA," he told SAYS.

The proud and excited owner also said that he actually followed some of the advice given by the netizens.

"Most of them asked me to demo and drink it in front of my cat which I didn't hahhaha. But I did try the syringe technique and the 'put the water at his nose technique,'" Farhan said.

Netizens were torn between the kitty cat's cuteness and the amusing situation

A user tweeted, "The cat owner must demonstrate to him on how to drink just like how this man did."

All cats are the same.

This netizen shared her kitty being afraid of the water fountain when she first got it.

Someone even made a meme out of Farhan's cat.

This Malaysian shared this situational proverb.

"You can take a donkey to the river, but you can't force the donkey to drink the water."

Or maybe it's just a cultural difference.

"This cat be like, 'Sorry bro, this is Malaysia, not Britain. Our custom is to use ordinary water container only'," this person tweeted.

This Twitter user said, "He's scanning it. The cat be like 'what did my owner buy me?'"

And finally, this Malaysian offered the smartest solution to any problems that we face nowadays.

"Get him to watch a tutorial on YouTube."

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