This Dining Table Lets Your Needy Cat Be The Centre Of Attention

Not hot pot. It ket.

Cover image via Dinos

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If you have a curious cat who always feels the need to be included, this dining table is perfect for it

Image via Dinos

Carved in the centre of the table is a hole made specifically for your pet to pop its head through

Image via Dinos

Like a marvelous centrepiece, your cat will feel like the king or queen it already thinks it is.

Image via Dinos

The table comes with a removable cover, if and when your cat is done with your sh*t

Image via Dinos

It also has an attached circular shelf just beneath it, in case it wants to chill below the table yet remain in the same vicinity.

If your cat is in a *mood* or just disinterested, the bottom shelf won't go to waste, as it can store books or magazines too.

Image via Dinos
Image via Dinos

It's called Neko to Kutsurogu ('Relaxing with Cats') Dining Room Table and it's selling on Japanese e-commerce site, Dinos for JPY159,500 (RM6,210).

Hefty price. But it's mere pocket change for kitty royalty.

This chair also encourages clingy pets:

While some cats get a seat at the table, others pretend to pay rent: