Inventor Builds Adorable Chair That Allows Your Clingy Pets To Sit With You While You Work

This chair fits both a person and their small pet.

Cover image via Simone Giertz (YouTube)

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Do you have pets that won't leave your lap when you sit down to work? If so, you are not alone!

Many of us have dogs or cats that simply refuse to fall asleep anywhere but beside or on us, and this becomes a challenge especially when we have to sit and work for long hours.

After facing similar problems, Swedish inventor Simone Giertz took to Twitter to share how she built an ingenious chair that fits both a person and their small pet

Frustrated by the lack of pet-compatible office chairs, Giertz decided to invent one for her needy dog who always hops onto and off her lap while she is working.

Known as the Companion Chair, this broad seat allows pets to lie comfortably beside their human while they work

This adorable chair is compatible in a pet-friendly work environment or home office, as it allows pets to remain close to their owners without distracting them

It features small built-in steps that cleverly function as extra storage space

Besides that, there's a footrest and a cosy nook for a small dog or cat to hop in and out of

Giertz even decorated the chair with cute pet-themed artwork

You can watch the building process here:

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