11 Office Chairs You Can Buy Online Under RM600 If Your Back Hurts From Sitting All Day

Support that spine y'all.

Cover image via Tomaz & Merryfair

If you're working from home or schooling online, now is a good time to invest in a good office chair

Not only does it make work a lot of more comfortable, it also affects your health. You should look out for office chairs that support your back and arms, so that you're less likely to strain your muscles.

While there are plenty of high quality brands on the market that offer full body support, they often come with a pretty hefty price tag.

That's why we've compiled 11 affordable office chairs that are good for your back but won't break the bank:

Note: Prices listed in this article are accurate at time of writing.

Image via ASJ Home

This cute office chair comes ready assembled and in a variety of colours. You can choose between a cooling mesh fabric or cushioned flannel back. Lightweight at only 9kg, it can carry up to 100kg and is built to last. 

The downside, of course, is that you can't adjust the seat in any way. But it's a good option if you enjoy working in different areas of the home and need a comfy chair to carry with you.

Image via ASJ Home

Tested for: 100kg
Width: 44cm
Height: 90cm
Seat height: 38cm
Colour: Beige (flannel) / Green (flannel) / Red (mesh) / Grey (mesh) / Black (mesh)

Check the price on Lazada.

Image via MF Design

This office chair from MF Design is simple and affordable, perfect if you're a no-frills kinda person. The mesh back ensures you don't overheat or collect moisture, while still offering good back support. When it comes to adjustability, only the chair height can be changed.

While the red version is RM178, you only have to top up RM1 to get it in black. ;)

Image via MF Design

Width: 56cm
Max. height: 93cm
Seat depth: 49cm
Colour: Red / Black

Check the price on MF Design's official website.

3. Alterseat REVO-101 - RM299.99

Image via Alterseat

The REVO-101 is one of Alterseat's bestsellers. You can adjust the height and angle of the headrest to fit you just right. Meanwhile the nylon built body is claimed to be one of the strongest and most durable materials in the furniture industry, giving you long-term use and safety.

The one-lock mechanism allows you to recline, and with a wide, curved shape back, you're sure to be comfy in this chair. The normal price of this chair is RM399.90, but it's currently on sale for RM299.99!

Image via Alterseat

Tested for: 200kg
Width: 64cm
Min. height: 110cm
Max. height: 119cm
Seat width: 49cm
Seat depth: 48cm
Seat height: 41cm
Colour: Black

Check the price on Alterseat's official website.

Image via Human Art

The Willy 2 provides good neck and back support, making it ideal for people who spend a lot of time at their desks. Both the headrest and armrest are adjustable, as well as the height and tilt of the chair.

It comes with different coloured mesh back options and a chrome metal base.

Image via Human Art

There are no specifications listed on the website. 

Check the price on Human Art Office System's website here.

This highback chair from AM Office comes with adjustable arms and headrest, while upholstery is available in mesh or covered. There are two colour options, black and grey. 

On the official AM Office Shopee store, this model has 4.9 stars out of 5, with close to 500 chairs sold! 

Chair height: 102.5cm
Chair width: 
Seat width: 
Seat depth: 50cm
Min. seat height: 40cm
Max. seat height: 48.5cm
Colour: Black / Grey

Check the price on Shopee.

Image via APEX

Known for its quality, the APEX 'Dang' is a popular choice. The mesh back keeps your body cool, and it is designed to provide back support. Meanwhile, the headrest is adjustable, allowing you to tilt it to your preference. You can also adjust the height, however, the chair does not recline. 

There are two other designs in the 'Dang' series at lower price points too.

Image via APEX

Chair height: 118-124cm
Chair width:
Min. seat height: 40cm
Max. seat height: 50cm
Colour: Black / Blue

Check the price on Lazada.

Image via Tomaz

The normal price of the Blaze X Pro is RM999, BUT at the time of writing, it's on sale at 50% off for RM499. :O

Built for gamers, it has a racing style bucket seat and full ergonomic adjustability including the armrest, head pillow, and lumbar support. It also reclines up to 160 degrees and has a retractable padded footrest.

Image via Tomaz

Supports: 150kg and 188cm tall
Colours: Black / Black & Red

Check the price on Tomaz' official website.


Image via IKEA

A popular choice for many Malaysians, the MARKUS has adjustable height and tilt functions, so you can have control of your sitting position.

The mesh backrest allows air through, keeping you cool as you work from home. It supports up to 110kg and with its headrest, provides good neck support too. 

Image via IKEA

Tested for: 110kg
Width: 62cm
Depth: 60cm
Min. height: 129cm
Max. height: 140cm
Seat width: 53cm
Seat depth: 47cm
Min. seat height: 46cm
Max. seat height: 57cm
Colour: Black

Check the price on IKEA's official website.

9. Merryfair WORK - RM555

Image via Merryfair Store

With a minimal and sleek design, WORK offers basic support for your daily tasks. It comes in two variations, mid-back with no headrest (RM515) or high-back with headrest (RM555). 

The added pop of colour is also a welcome change. Although if you prefer all black, they have that option too!

Image via Merryfair Store

Width: 63.5cm
Min. height: 109.5cm
Max. height: 124cm
Seat width: 47.5cm
Seat depth: 43cm
Min. seat height: 38cm
Max. seat height: 48cm
Colour: Black / Deep Red

Check the price on Merryfair Store's official website.

Image via Take A Seat

This Korean-made ergonomic chair features a firm dual back that provides solid support for your back. The seat height and headrest height can be adjusted, while the armrests are fixed.

Available in three different colours, the Pride dual can hold up to 90kg.

Image via Take A Seat

Tested for: 90kg
Seat width: 49cm
Seat depth: 47cm
Min. seat height: 38cm
Max. seat height: 47cm
Colour: Black / Blue / Red

Check the price on Take A Seat's official website.

Image via TT Racing

The Swift X 2020 offers wide lumbar and shoulder support with its curved design, ensuring you stay in a correct position at all times. Built ergonomically, the soft and thick cold cure foam offers comfort when sitting for long hours.

It also comes with a 165 degree recline, so you can lean back and relax after a long day of work. The original price is RM759 but it's currently on sale. However, the TT Racing Duo V3 is normally RM599, and now on sale for RM399. ;)

Image via TT Racing

Min. height: 112cm
Max. height: 122cm
Seat width: 50cm
Seat depth: 49cm
Min. seat height: 44cm
Max. seat height: 54cm
Colour: Black / Red / Grey / Stealth

Check the price on TT Racing's official website.

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