These Korean Exfoliating Towels Help Shed Loads Of Dead Skin In The Most Satisfying Way

Shed the weights.

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I've been seeing these Korean exfoliating washcloths all over TikTok for awhile now, and the results just seemed too good to be true

So naturally, I had to try them out for myself. And guys... they are LIFE-CHANGING.

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I placed an order for them on Shopee (and no, this is not sponsored). They arrived a week later.

There are a few local and other sellers from China but I read that there might be fake versions. So I got mine straight from Korea in hopes of minimising that risk.

A pack of 10 pieces cost me about RM22 including shipping.

The green mitts are the most universal. But there are varying levels of coarseness indicated by different colours.

Several articles mentioned that the pink ones are the softest, while the blue and yellow ones are the most abrasive.

The cloths are said to be made of 100% viscose material, which comes from Italy. Hence, its name, 'Korean Italy Towel'.

How to use

Take a warm shower for about 15 minutes and pat yourself dry. This step is important because if you're still drenched, it won't work very well.

Wet the mitten and start scrubbing in an upward and downward motion. Avoid sensitive areas and your face. 

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If you're not one to exfoliate regularly, you'll start to see dead skin cells shed off instantly!

It's gross yet extremely satisfying. Once you've admired your dirt, rinse it off.

Here's a photo of my arm's dead skin:

- It's great at removing all the dirt, oils, or lotion build-up on your body from the week.

- I've tried different types of loofahs over the years but they've never quite felt the same as this. I felt like a clean newborn after I came out of the shower.

- I love that it's easy to get into crevices like between your toes. The regular foot scrub doesn't allow you to do that.

- It didn't really affect me but a few reviews mention that they wish the cloths are bigger. It fits my small hand but shrinks to almost half the size when it gets wet.

- There's a chance that it might get too abrasive on your skin so, don't use it too often or scrub too hard. Some recommend using it once a week or once in two weeks.

Before and after it gets wet.

Image via Tamara Jayne/SAYS

Overall, it's definitely one of my best buys ever. If you like exfoliating, this is worth it. 

You can get it here.

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Image via SAYS

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