We Tested UNIQLO's AIRism Bed Sheets And They're Perfect For Malaysian Weather

Like sleeping on hotel sheets.

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. But the company did send it to us upon request.

UNIQLO's AIRism range is possibly one of their best product lines yet (and that's coming from someone who has no AC)

The range is all about making breathable clothing that releases heat and moisture – perfect for our humidity.

The AIRism face masks, for example, took several countries by storm this year, including Malaysians who willingly stood in long queues just to get their hands on them.

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Within the same month, UNIQLO released AIRism bedding as well, sold exclusively online in Malaysia

It was first introduced in Japan in 2018. But it only became available to Malaysians in September this year.

Bed sheets and duvet covers in grey and dark brown.

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Close-up of the dark brown single-sized sheet.

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Seeing as the AIRism products are always such a big hit, we just had to try the bedding for ourselves.

Here's all you should know:

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1. How many sizes are there?
The bed sheets come in five sizes: single, semi-double, double, queen, and king. The duvet cover comes in three sizes: single, semi-double, and double.

2. How many colours are available?
Depending on the size, there is white, grey, pink, and dark brown. And there are matching duvet covers and pillowcases for sale.

3. Is it really soft?
As soft as a baby's bottom... but it's your whole bed.

4. Is it breathable?
Quite. The bedding feels really airy and smooth. Kinda like those high thread count bed sheets you find at luxury hotels. It definitely reduces the chances of you sweating in bed unless you toss and turn a lot.

5. Is the bed sheet fitted?
It depends. It is gartered all around. The queen size seemed pretty loose on our queen-sized bed. And the measurements on the website can be quite confusing. I personally like tight-fitted sheets. If you're particular, it's best to check carefully which size fits your bed the best.

6. Can I get it at the store?

No, it's currently sold exclusively online.

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The duvet cover comes with a zip, which is great because I'm not a fan of comforters that slip off easily.

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TLDR; the bedding is really soft and comfy. Is it worth the price? Yes, if you have the means for it. It's like coming home to cosy hotel bed sheets every day. Mmmm.

If you're on a budget, I'd recommend getting the pillowcase because it'll still make you happy after a long day. You deserve it. <3

AIRism bedding is only available on the website.

Prices for each pillowcase is RM29.90, RM129 onwards for the bed sheet, and RM199 onwards for the duvet cover.

If you have yet to check out the AIRism face mask, here's our verdict of it:

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