Thinking Of Buying The UNIQLO Airism Mask? We Tried It And Here's What You Should Know

It comes in a pack of three, and you can choose between black or white.

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UNIQLO Malaysia launched their AIRism face mask in-store and online back in September

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After teasing the arrival of these comfortable reusable masks, long queues started forming in front of UNIQLO stores.

In fact, the UNIQLO website reportedly crashed with too many people trying to get their hands on one of these face masks.

We waited in line and managed to get our hands on these face masks. And yes, each customer is only entitled to buy ONE pack per size and colour.

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Each pack of AIRism face masks come with three reusable masks. It comes in sizes S, M, and L, and you can choose between black or white.

Here's what you should know:

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1. Is it breathable?
Yes, this is probably one of the most comfortable and breathable face masks you'll find. It feels lightweight, it's smooth to touch, and it's cooling thanks to the AIRism technology.

2. Does the elastic hurt your ears?
The elastic for the mask isn't as stretchy as the usual surgical face masks you wear every day. Instead, it rests comfortably on your ears, which mean you should be able to wear this for long-hours. However, since it's not as elastic, you'll have to make sure to get the size that fits you perfectly.

3. Is the mask easy to wash?
Yes, you can wash it like any other reusable mask, and it's even machine washable. It retains its efficacy even after 20 washes.

4. Does it come with a filter?
Yes, the triple-layer face mask comes with a filter that blocks out 99% of bacteria and pollen. It also comes with UPF 50 rating, cutting out 90% of UV rays.

5. Does it fog up your glasses?
Unfortunately, when we tried it out, it still did fog up our glasses every once in a while.

Wondering if your reusable face mask actually protects you? Check out this video below:

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