We Tried Out This Crazy Cheap Hot Pot Delivery Service And Here's What Happened

Perfect for a family dinner or a house party!

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Hot pot is always on my mind, but just thinking about lining up for hours at a crowded mall gives me a headache

Ahh, delicious, warm, hearty hot pot. Why can't you be more accesible?

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I think the universe heard my pleas.

As I was mindlessly scrolling through Instagram one fine day, I stumbled upon a hot pot delivery service.

GoGoPot is a Petaling Jaya-based business that delivers steamboat packages straight to people's doorsteps in cute yellow bags.

After doing some thinking and a lot of math, I decided to order their hot pot sets and get them delivered straight to the office. It's about time we had a steamboat party in here!

So here's an extensive recap of how I fed 20 people using a local hot pot delivery service:

First, I placed my order through WhatsApp and the process was rather seamless

You could also choose to order through their website. Personally, I prefer texting them because I'll be able to speak to an actual person straight away. It helped a lot since I had a lot of questions and requests. :P

But if you would like to take your time and scroll through their different packages and add-ons, ordering through their website is the better choice.

I placed my order two days in advance but when asked, they said they were also prepared for last minute calls.

On the day itself, I was notified through an SMS that a Lalamove runner was on the way to my office with my hot pot sets

Lalamove lets you track your runner in real-time. He called me when he arrived at our office and there we were, ready for a feast!

This isn't the runner. This is my excited colleague who picked up the packages from the runner.

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Each steamboat set is meant to feed two to three people and it is only RM59.90.

It comes with a thermal bag and a brand new steamboat pot we get to keep forever!

The pot is quite small, but it should be perfect to serve about two to three people. Any more than that and your hot pot party might turn out quite chaotic (like ours did).

We tried five out of six different soup stocks. which are chicken, spicy tom yam, special curry, tomato soup, and mala pepper

You can also try their seafood stock if you'd like!

Mala soup.

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Each set comes with seafood balls, mushrooms, tofu, noodles, eggs, as well as a large selection of vegetables.

Eggs, tofu skin, and noodles.

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Depending on which set you purchase, you can get fresh tiger prawns, fish, lala clams, chicken, and the list goes on and on.

We obviously ordered everything.

Basically, this is what one set looks like:

Our verdict:

It's super convenient and it was really, really tasty. I would 100% recommend the mala soup which was spicy and had quite a punch to it. Besides that, my colleagues and I collectively agreed that the noodles were surprisingly good. Because, how good can noodles get? Well, this good.

All the ingredients that came with the set were fresh and there were so many different options to choose from. You can customise the set to suit your dietary preferences and I think that was a big plus!

Mala soup.

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However, the pots were rather small. For a big crowd, we dumped a lot of ingredients at once because we were hungry and that led to a longer cooking time. That's the only downside there is.

Other than that, I loved the free pot. It was still a good experience overall and besides, it wasn't meant for a chaotic group of 20 anyway.

All in all, I would really recommend hot pot lovers to try it out.

It can turn into a really fun family activity or be a good upgrade for a house party, and you won't even need to leave your home!

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