What Will 2021 Be Like For You? Here Are Your Zodiac Predictions This Year

Sarah May Low collaborates with SAYS to bring you fresh predictions of your fortune in 2021.

Cover image via Sarah May Low (Facebook) via Juice Online & Yap Wan Xiang/SAYS

In conjunction with Chinese New Year 2021, I have collaborated with SAYS to provide some tips and tricks on how to navigate through the Year of the Ox and lead a great life this year

I am Sarah May Low. You may have read, seen, or heard me on Fly FM, JUICE Online, FEMALE Malaysia, CLEO TV, theSundaily, and more.

Other than being a renowned tarot card reader in Malaysia, I am also a master in chakra healing, angel card reading, palmistry, and most importantly in the context of this festivity, a master in Chinese feng shui, I Ching divination, and Taoism oracle.

My experience in various forms of Chinese divination spans across two decades. With the knowledge I possess, I would like to help you understand your fortune in 2021. Here is a brief introduction to the Year of the Ox, which takes the element of Metal in this cycle.

The Year of the Metal Ox begins on 12 February. Oxen symbolise hard work. Hence, many people will find themselves doubling the effort when it comes to building (or re-building) the foundations in many areas of their life this year. Many life issues and problems will also be resolved as long as they possess a high discipline.

To attract love, prosperity, success, and wealth in 2021, everyone's general lucky colours — regardless of zodiac sign — are white (Metal element), yellow, and green.

Here is a table summary of each zodiac fortune prediction:

If a zodiac has a clash with 'Tai Sui' (the guardian God for everything), it means that the person of that animal sign will suffer from bad luck that year.

Scroll down to your zodiac below to find a more detailed breakdown of your fortune.

1. Rat

Those born in the Year of the Rat are said to have strong instincts, sharp thinking, and are always cautious.

They possess the talent to adapt and respond to any situation quickly. They have a sophisticated brain and are popular among friends.

Their strengths include being smart, positive, flexible, and cheerful.

Their weaknesses include being shy, stubborn, selective of friends, always in a hurry, and easily bored.

Wealth: There will be many investment opportunities for Rats this year. Rats will feel optimistic when it comes to investments, business deals, and even purchases of properties.

Career: Many of Rats' career goals will be achieved this year, and they will also be aggressively hunting down new opportunities.

Love: Love is favourable for Rats. Those who are single will find a suitable partner, while those who are currently dating will take things to the next step and get married. Married Rats will also reignite the flames of passion with their spouse.

Health: Rats need to watch their diet this year and have balanced meals. There will not be any major issues with their health in 2021.

2. Ox

People born in the Year of the Ox are always considered to be persistent, modest, and honest. They are talented leaders and also hardworking.

They always think before they act and are not easily affected by their environment. But sometimes, they have a conservative mindset, appear to be quiet, and tend to be stubborn.

Their strengths include being honest, diligent, patient, and cautious.

Their weaknesses are stubbornness and procrastination.

Wealth: Oxen should hold onto their savings this year, as it is not the year for them to commit to any risky investments.

Career: Oxen will need to be careful when they are managing expectations and relationships with their bosses and colleagues. Make sure everything is communicated clearly.

Love: If Oxen are searching for a life partner, they will have the chance to meet someone who they can be in a committed relationship with.

Health: Avoid unhealthy habits or vices such as drinking, smoking, and taking of any intoxicating substances. Oxen should commit to a regular workout routine.

3. Tiger

People born in the Year of the Tiger are brave, have a strong character, and often love to brag about their achievements because Tigers represent the symbol of power.

They are honest people. Therefore, it is easy for them to win others' trust.

Their strengths include tolerance, loyalty, courage, trustworthiness, intelligence, and wisdom.

Their weaknesses are that they sometimes can be arrogant, irritable, like doing things hastily, and lying to protect their ego.

Wealth: Tigers will have luck with investments related to property or land.

Career: Tigers will need to strategise their moves intelligently this year. They need to work smart instead of work hard. The first half of the year will be a bit challenging, but things will improve in the second half.

Love: 2021 will be a great year for Tigers' love life. In fact, love may already be around them in the form of a long-term secret admirer amongst their friends.

Health: Tigers will only have minor health issues such as digestive or dental problems. They are advised to take extra care of their oral health.

4. Rabbit

Rabbits will usually impress others with their tenderness, sensitivity, and romantic nature in relationships. They also often demand a high standard of living and prefer quality over quantity. It applies to products, friends, as well as suitors.

They do not like confrontation. Yet, they can turn an enemy into a friend. They always work or finish their duties quickly and efficiently.

Their strengths include being gentle, sensitive, compassionate, friendly, and modest.

Their weaknesses are that they are always skeptical, stubborn, shy, and conservative.

Wealth: There will be improvements this year compared to previous years, but still, Rabbits need to take care of fluctuations.

Career: Patience is required for Rabbits' careers this year. It is advised that they do not take part in unnecessary office drama in 2021.

Love: There may be some struggles in the love department in the second half of 2021, but with some effort, Rabbits will be able to weather through those hurdles.

Health: Rabbits should always stay alert when they are driving. Obey all traffic rules as there is a possibility of them getting involved in accidents. It will be best if they can opt for public transportation or get a lift from someone in order to get to their destination safely.

5. Dragon

People born in the Year of Dragon are cheerful, intellectual, and passionate.

They do not like gossip and slander. Even though they are fair and assertive, they can sometimes be arrogant and impatient.

Their strengths include being passionate, sensitive to others' feelings, ambitious, romantic, and always able to inspire others.

Their weaknesses are irritability, intolerance, and having eccentric or unrealistic ideas.

Wealth: Do not be too adventurous when it comes to investments this year as there is a 50-50 chance for Dragons to make a windfall or lose their money. They may win some, but they will lose some too.

Career: Professionally, it will be an excellent year for Dragons. Their hard work is finally paying off. There will be a chance for promotion, increment, and maybe even a new job offer.

Love: Love will be favourable for Dragons in 2021. Single Dragons may meet their soulmates. They also have the opportunity to be popular amongst their peers, colleagues, and also on social media.

Health: Dragons should learn to stay calm and relax when facing any life road bumps. Also, they may suffer from various anxiety episodes this year.

6. Snake

Snakes are known as sensitive and funny people. Most of those born in the Year of the Snake have talents in literature and art.

With that said, it can be difficult for Snakes to make decisions sometimes because they are often suspicious and very hesitant.

Their strengths include being soft-natured, courteous, sympathetic, enthusiastic, and smart.

Their weaknesses include jealousy, suspicion, cunning, often changing decisions, and not admitting their faults.

Wealth: This is the year where Snakes can increase their stream of income, but they have to be careful whenever they sign any legal documents and contracts. Make sure to go through the terms and conditions.

Career: Snakes have the opportunity to prove themselves and showcase their abilities this year. Focus on goals and stay away from unnecessary office politics.

Love: Love will not be the main focus of the year, especially for female Snakes. They might encounter some problems or heartbreaks.

Health: Overall, health will be stable for Snakes. But they have to take care as they may suffer from minor sicknesses such as cough, cold, flu, or stomach ache.

7. Horse

Horses always impress their friends with their dynamic, enthusiastic, and generous persona.

While they are often blessed with many fans and supporters around them, they also have to acknowledge some of their weaknesses and make an effort to eventually overcome them.

Their strengths include being warm, assertive, easy to understand, and independent.

Their weaknesses are honesty, impulsive spending, and laziness.

Wealth: Horses should not spend their savings on making huge investments this year as they may not get the result they want. Remember to watch expenditure. What is most important this year is to maintain a steady cash flow.

Career: Horses will be feeling extra determined when it comes to their careers this year and they will work very well in a team environment.

Love: In 2021, Horses should be firm with what they want when it comes to love and relationships. Be brave to confront and communicate emotional issues in order to resolve them.

Health: There will not be any major health problems in 2021. But, Horses should still follow a healthy diet and go for a yearly medical check-up.

8. Goat

People born in the Year of the Goat are gentle, polite, intelligent, kind, love having a private life, and are often interested in the arts and topics related to beauty.

They are smart, gentle, compassionate, and often cautious in business matters. In everyday life, they always strive to be a practical person.

Their strengths are gentleness, thoughtfulness, attractiveness, diligence, and frugalness.

Their weaknesses include skepticism, shyness, pessimism, often feeling depressed, and weak-minded.

Wealth: Goats should not expect immediate returns when it comes to their investments. Returns will only be seen towards the end of the year and the next few years to come.

Career: In 2021, it will be a big year of transformation for Goats' mindset, job, and business. When it comes to handling business projects and dealings, they should always remember to use their creativity.

Love: Goats will see a big transformation in their relationship this year, too. For single Goats, they may attract people who are erratic and explosive in personality. So they need to remember this when they are meeting someone new. Meanwhile, old friends whom they have not seen or heard from a while may reappear and reconnect.

Health: Overall, Goats' health will be great. But do ensure that they continue taking care of their well-being by increasing workouts, eating a balanced diet, and going for regular medical check-ups.

9. Monkey

Those born in the Year of the Monkey are often seen as smart people, especially when it comes to their career and financial affairs.

They are flexible, quick-witted, and versatile. But sometimes, they can be envious of others. They are irritable and have a tendency to bully or demean others when they are emotional.

Their strengths are enthusiasm, confidence, and innovation.

Their weaknesses include jealousy, suspicion of others, cunning, selfishness, and arrogance.

Wealth: In 2021, Monkeys will be blessed with prosperity. So don't miss out on the opportunities.

Career: Many Monkeys will land their dream job this year. Some of them will even think of starting their own businesses. It is great to be more extroverted this year.

Love: Love is in the air for Monkeys. There are plenty of compatible suitors for single Monkeys. Marriage may also be in the cards. Meanwhile, married Monkeys should make time and put in extra effort to appreciate their spouses.

Health: It is important that Monkeys take care of what they consume and apply on their skin. Make sure the environment is clean, or they may develop some allergies this year. Increase aerobic exercises, such as running and jumping rope, to strengthen their lungs.

10. Rooster

People born in the Year of the Rooster are honest, communicative, and ambitious.

However, they may be passionate about something only for a short time and can become easily bored. They must have the patience to complete the tasks at hand and persevere in order to achieve their ambitions.

Their strengths include being independent, capable, and quick-witted.

Their weaknesses include impatience, overly critical, eccentric, narrow-mindedness, and selfishness.

Wealth: In 2021, Roosters will be blessed with good luck when it comes to their business growth, new business ventures, as well as investments.

Career: This year, Roosters will get opportunities to impress bosses at work. Their efforts will get recognised as well.

Love: Roosters should go with the flow when it comes to love this year. Although there will be many suitors, encounters with them will only be short-lived. Roosters are encouraged to be picky as quality is always better than quantity.

Health: Roosters will not face any significant health issues in 2021, but be careful when it comes to places in high altitudes, such as buildings, cliffs, or waterfalls.

11. Dog

Those born in the Year of the Dog love their freedom. They are sincere, loyal, and firm. They are not afraid to face difficulties in their daily life.

These characteristics often cause them to have harmonious relationships with others.

Their strength is that they are always brave, loyal, responsible, intelligent, and cheerful.

Their weaknesses include sensitivity, conservativeness, stubbornness, and emotions.

Wealth: Dogs need to learn to save up this year and avoid spending money on unnecessary things.

Career: There are possible improvements in Dogs' careers this year. They might be promoted or their business might expand.

Love: Dogs' communication with their loved one is at their best this year. Dogs will find that everything is smooth sailing whenever they communicate with their spouse or lover.

Health: Be mindful of eating habits as there may be issues with Dogs' gut or digestion system. They might suffer from gastritis, acidity, and indigestion.

12. Pig

Those born in the Year of the Pig are people who carry out their duties with great care.

Pigs are also responsible, optimistic, and always show generosity and compassion. Sometimes, they will also bear the faults of others.

But, they can also be lazy and lack motivation at times.

Their strengths include being polite, loyal, honest, and gentle.

Their weaknesses are their naivety, sluggishness, weak body, and are easily deceived.

Wealth: Be careful about investments or making any form of financial transactions this year as there will be ups and downs. Pigs should not be impulsive.

Career: Pigs should be low profile about their next career steps. They also need to be careful when it comes to who to trust at the workplace.

Love: This year, Pigs are advised to spend more time on their love life and expand their circle of friends.

Health: Pigs may experience some mental and physical stress this year. So, take the time off for self-care, such as by chilling at the beach, and getting enough rest and sleep.

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