Where To Find Chinese New Year Cookies, Pineapple Tarts, And Other Snacks Online

Sit at home and nom nom nom.

Cover image via @strata.kl (Instagram) & @itsbakedbysuli (Instagram)

1. UNBOX by Huff and Puff

Image via SAYS
Image via SAYS
Image via SAYS

UNBOX curated CNY snacks from popular confectionaries all over Malaysia and packaged them into adorable old school biscuit tins.

They include:
- almond slices from Ban Heang Penang
- soft candy from Ching Han Guan Ipoh
- tangerine cookies from Kwong Wah Ais Kacang PJ
- Nyonya pineapple tarts from Wise Chef Melaka

The almond slices from Ban Heang are extremely addictive. You've been warned. The company is also selling other cute CNY collections, such as a treasure cabinet with herbal soup ingredients and a bak kwa fortune wheel box.

Contact number:

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2. D'Sabroso

D'Sabroso has come up with pineapple tarts and cake, German cookies, pecan dark couverture cookies, and vanilla cranberry cookies.

You can get them as a pack of two or four in a pretty transparent bag or a craft box depending on the number of tubs you order.

Contact number:

Website | Facebook | Instagram 

3. Itsbakedbysuli

Itsbakedbysuli's cookies are made with good quality ingredients and her crumbly pineapple tarts are to die for.

Her CNY gift set includes:
- pineapple tarts
- carrot pecan loaf
- double choc macadamia cookies
- Chinese tea trio (oolong, black tea, and white tea)

It comes with a custom card and printed personalised message. Perfect as a gift!

Contact number:

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4. Wholesome Treats

If you're looking for healthier or gluten-free/dairy-free/vegan options, check out Wholesome Treats.

Their CNY menu includes:
- Hershey's chocolate chip cookies
- Classic shortbread
- Eggless coffee cookies
- Cranberry orange cookies
- Crispy almond
- Walnut cookies
- Double chocolate chip cookies

You can order a gift set with includes two flavours of your choice.

Contact number:

Website | Facebook | Instagram

5. Hogan Bakery Malaysia

Hogan Bakery has multiple gift sets available just for CNY. You can get them at any of their outlets or have them delivered to you. Some of the snacks include red velvet cookies, peanut cookies, pineapple tarts, salted chocolate cookies, among others.

Contact number:


Website | Facebook | Instagram

6. Strata.kl

Strata's CNY gift box includes pineapple tarts, orange butter cake, and melting moments, which are made with a secret recipe (similar to butter, almond cookies). The gift set also comes with Mandarin oranges. Everything in the box just looks so delicious! 

You can get them in individual tubs or as a gift box. They offer deliveries from PJ.

Contact number:

Check out their Instagram.

7. Mmeh's Kitchen

There's something quite comforting about homemade CNY snacks. Mmeh's Kitchen (inspired by the name Eurasian kids call their mothers) makes Nyonya options including pineapple tarts, prawn popiah rolls, kuih kapit, peanut cookies, and more.  

Contact number:


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8. MyPlace Pâtisserie

MyPlace Pâtisserie offers free delivery within 10km from where they're located in Pandan Indah, Ampang. Every subsequent kilometre is RM1.

Their cookie flavours include:
- chocolate chip macadamia cookies
- oatmeal raisin (their CNY 2020 bestseller)
- houjicha almond
- matcha white chocolate

According to their Facebook, they use Niko Neko matcha powders to make their hojicha and matcha cookies.

Contact number:

Facebook | Instagram

9. Sweet Hut

Sweet Hut bakes almond cookies, Nestum cereal cookies, chocolate chip almond cookies, and more. All of which are handmade without any additives or preservatives. 

Contact number:

Facebook | Instagram

10. Jari Treats

Try something unique by adding yummy dehydrated fruits to your CNY snack bar. Jari Treats makes dried fruits that can be added to cold yoghurt, ice cream, muesli, diffused in tea, or simply eaten on its own.

The fruits are cinnamony apples, pineapples, gingery oranges, along with persimmons and mangoes (seasonal or only available as long as stocks last).

For CNY, they've customised them in pretty gift packs for you to treat someone special.

Contact number:

Facebook | Instagram

11. Kukki & Kurimu

From pineapple rolls to Horlicks oatmeal cookies and almond flakes, Kukki & Kurimu is selling snacks every weekend right up until CNY.

You can self-pickup at PJS1 or have them deliver it to you, depending on your location.

Contact number:

Check out their Instagram.

12. Signature by Wanita Hebat

Petaling Jaya's Member of Parliament Maria Chin Abdullah started an initiative to support B40 women in the area. All cookies are made by the women themselves and all profits will be returned to them.

You can contact the general number to place an order:
+6010-8281550 or contact them individually below.

1. +6011-63925746 (Mira) - diamond cookies

2. +6014-5387025 (Nurul Aida) - red velvet cookies

3. +6018-2308597 (Meera) - chocolate chip cookies

4. +6012-6985650 (Aja) - honey cornflake

5. +6016-9007702 (Arnilan) - biskut bangkit cheese

6. +6010-2906347 (Dana) - muruku salted eggs

7. +6017-3010336 (Eyna) - Nyonya tarts

8. +6018-2161460 (Azura) - kuih kapit

9. +6017-3384635 (Hana) - suji pelangi

10. +6017-8856356 (Anisa) - mazola peanut biscuit

13. Yugo Gato

Treat yourself or a loved one to Yugo Gato's CNY red gift set. They have two designs filled with individually packed cookies and/or tarts.

You can mix and match up to three snacks:
- chicken floss butter cookies
- coffee butter cookies
- pineapple tarts

Contact number:


Facebook | Instagram

15. Sim Zhen Tan

Sim Zhen Tan has ready-made CNY cookies and snacks, including chicken floss kuih kapit, peanut kuih kapit, salted egg fish skin, almond biscotti, and more – all of which are between RM18 and RM25 a tub.

Contact number:

You can check out more info on her Facebook post.

16. XJ Joys

Brighten up someone's day by sending them a CNY gift set during this time. This small business can deliver CNY snacks and cookies such as peanut candy, Belgian chocolate cookies, and more. 

There are also limited gift packages available offering either three or six bottled snacks. 

Contact number:

17. Bake La'vie

Aunty V, who runs this small business at home, makes CNY snacks with love. She's selling pineapple tarts, butter cookies, and her best-selling snack... salted egg cornflakes. Yum. 

You can either have it delivered or self-pickup from the Old Klang Road area.

Contact number:

Find out more on this Facebook post.

18. Carolyn Chin

This small business offers eggless snacks like lotus roots, ngar ku, and seaweed crackers. But you can also opt for the other varieties, such as their cornflake cookies, almond biscotti, kuih bangkit and kapit, among others! They have quite a wide selection and all of the snacks are homemade.

You can either self-pickup at two locations in Kepong and PJ or have it delivered to you for a flat fee of RM5 if you live in those areas.

Contact number:
+6017-3191306 (Amara)

Check out the Facebook post for more info.

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