Woman Makes Cute Dumplings That Look Like Goldfish Going 'Glug Glug'


Cover image via Minmin Chang (Facebook)

Dumplings are yummy. Small, big, fried, or steamed, whatever dumpling you offer me, I'll eat.

These dumplings though... are next level.

A woman from Taipei recently shared how she made shrimp dumplings that look just like little goldfish and.. I. JUST. CAN'T.

How to eat when these kawaii eyes are looking at me? :3

Dipped in soy sauce, they look quite realistic too.

She shared a step-by-step tutorial, showing how she mixed minced pork, shrimp, water chestnut, and other ingredients together for the filling

Then, she explained how to make the dumpling dough, adding that it needs to rest under a wet cloth for 10 minutes

After the dough has been made, she added food colouring and used a kitchen knife to flatten it.

Using a straw, a chopstick, and a pair of scissors, Chang put her mad dumpling skills to work and began shaping and prepping them to be steamed!

Look at all the cuties lined up on the tray going *glug glug*.

On Thursday, 14 January, she posted the tutorial on Facebook and it's gone viral.

You can check it out below:

Did you know that there's a "correct" way to eat xiao long bao?

If you have no time to make dumplings, you can find ready-made Korean versions from these stores in KL:

These Malaysian bakers also have a knack for making realistic yet edible cakes:

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