Ipoh Bakers Go Viral For Making Realistic Edible Cicak And Cockroach Cakes

Cake of nightmares.

Cover image via The Slice Ipoh Homebaker (Facebook)

If you had to pick which one you'd rather see in your home, would it be cockroaches or cicak-cicak?

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Whichever 'creepy-crawly thingy' you chose, it's undeniable that many would have probably said neither

Ipoh home bakers Ethan and Irene Wong have recently gone viral after sharing photos of a cake they made covered with edible lizards

Take a look at their super realistic work of art, complete with beady eyes and translucent skin... UGH!

So geli and so detailed. I love it.

On 12 December, they posted the photos on their small baking business Facebook page called The Slice Ipoh Homebaker. And the post has since been shared over 12,000 times.

Ethan told SAYS that a customer had requested a cicak-designed cake for her sister because she's scared of lizards. 

Wanting to make them look as realistic as the ones we see every day, the couple took pictures of actual cicak-cicak on walls and windows for inspiration.

"We wanted the cake to look like cement so it felt like the cicak-cicak were climbing on the wall," he added.

True to sisterly love, a few weeks later, the victimised sister ordered a different cake as revenge.

But this time, she requested for it to be covered in cockroaches.

The Ipoh bakers coated it in brown frosting and even added an edible cockroach emerging from the cake.

A sight of nightmares.

They even nailed the shiny coat that cockroaches have.

So real, I'm just glad these ones don't fly. :')

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What's better than cakes? Stuffed cicak and cockroach pillows, of course!

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