[PHOTOS] Guy Turns Food Like Indomie And Cendol Into Studio Ghibli Style Illustrations

Can smell them through his drawings.

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It's a fact of life that food in Studio Ghibli films or for that matter, any anime, is nothing short of drool-inducing

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With the majority of anime created in Japan, it's only natural for the local cuisine to be featured generously in the films. 

Taking inspiration from Japanese anime and manga, an artist has re-created popular Southeast Asian food like cendol, soto ayam, and Indomie into beautiful anime-style artwork

Based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Alfeus Christie illustrates local dishes that look so tasty – we can almost smell them through the images

In an interview with SAYS, the 30-year-old illustrator shared that he felt inspired to introduce Indonesian culinary to the world

His favourite food to eat is 'konro' from Makassar, Indonesia. He explained that "it's a soup with black-brownish colour and that has a distinctive savoury taste, with beef ribs and plenty of spices inside."

"There's another kind called 'konro bakar' or grilled konro, grilled ribs that are marinated in spices," he added.

Alfeus posts his artwork on Instagram with a detailed explanation of each dish.

His work has gained him tremendous attention online, with one recent Facebook post garnering 54,000 shares alone.

It's even landed him gigs with renowned companies such as Grab, which you might spot in several of his drawings.

Alfeus said that he's always been a sort of 'drawing freak' ever since he was a kid, which led him on a journey into the world of art

"[To] me, learning is always part of a creative process, so now I always keep learning by doing."

He added that he's been to Malaysia before and had actually worked for a mobile game development studio in KL.

"Malaysia is a wonderful place to live in! I have gained new life experiences, got myself some new friends, and I am forever missing nasi lemak and tandoori chicken. Hahaha."

I don't know about you, but this bakso is making me hungry. 

You can check out more of Alfeus' work on Instagram

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