Here Are 10 Kitties That Prove We Are Living In A Cat's World


Cover image via Suphakchan Pantana (Facebook) & Mail Online

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Any cat owner or cat lover can vouch for the fact that we don't own cats, they own us.

They're difficult to understand but this tough (and painful) love makes cats so irresistible!

Image via GIPHY

Here are 10 times cats have proven that they are indeed gods:

1. This Lion King enactment that deserves a standing ovation

Cats can be really dramatic sometimes!

Watch the full TikTok clip here:

2. These kitties made this mother hen into their own cosy pillow

These confused kitties thought the hen is their mother and refused to budge from under her. The hen did not seem to mind though! 

Watch the video here:

3. A Playboy kitty had to be put on a glucose drip because he was exhausted from his "wild night"

Image via Mail Online
Image via Mail Online

A pet hotel CCTV caught the Russian Blue mating with five female cats in one night. Talk about tangkap basah!

4. A well-mannered Oyen waiting for its turn at a vaccination centre in Singapore

Unfortunately, the good kitty was carried out of the centre. Maybe not this time, Oyen!

5. Rapid KL's resident cat pretending to give a press con

This feline showed Prasarana Group's chief human capital officer Tomin Salikan who's the real boss.

6. This cat was clearly trying to hint to its owner that it wanted an indoor pool

These kitties left the tap on and flooded the house twice. What a cat-astrophe!

Check out their antics here:

7. A tourist kitty taking the late night Rapid KL bus

Oyen apparently wanted to get off at KLCC but the bus driver did not entertain its request.

Watch the full video here:

8. This kleptomaniac cat kept stealing its neighbour's slippers

The Oyen only stole one side of the slippers. The owners finally realised who the culprit was once they checked their CCTV to catch the thief in action.

9. Cat had enough of his wife's clumsiness and his face shows it all

The black cat's face screams, "I'm so done with you!" every time the grey cat splashes the milk.

10. Hero cat saves an elderly man and becomes the police chief for a day in Japan

Image via NHK
Image via NHK
Image via NHK

The cat, Koko-chan, had alerted passers-by when the elderly man fell into a ditch. 

Cats are the best — and they know it!

Image via GIPHY

Here are some heartwarming stories of people rescuing cats:

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