Cat In China Was Placed On Glucose Drip After It Had Sex With 5 Females In A Single Night

An exhausted (but a very happy) cat!

Cover image via Mail Online

Recently, a posh cat had a night to remember at a pet hotel in China

Xiaopi the Russian Blue cat was left at a pet hotel in Guangdong Province in South China by his owners Mr and Mrs Zhao for a night as they went on holiday on 1 October.

While leaving their stud cat at the hotel, Mr Zhao had specifically told the staff that Xiaopi had not been neutered, a UK-based tabloid Daily Star reported.

However, despite Mr Zhao's specific instruction, the staff at the hotel had let the Russian Blue out of his cage and left him to freely roam around.

Xiaopi reportedly used the opportunity to mate with at least five females that night.

According to a report in Mail Online, the horny cat's sexual escapades left him so exhausted that he had to be hooked up to a glucose drip.

An exhausted (but a very happy) Xiaopi.

Image via Mail Online

Mr Zhao found out about his cat's "wild night" at the pet hotel after he saw the closed-circuit television camera (CCTV) footage

Mr Zhao then took to social media to express his grudge against the hotel.

"I thought they'd be professional, but the staff member didn't feed Xiaopi during the day and let him out to roam freely at night. That's right, all the cats were free to walk around the shop and then the employee went home.

"Between around 10.40pm and 5am, my cat mated with five female cats. And those are only the ones I could see in the CCTV footage," he wrote, claiming that the staff at the pet hotel then blamed him for the incident.

"They had the nerve to be upset with me, saying some of the cat owners weren't planning on having kittens. They wanted me to explain the situation to all the other owners," Mr Zhao ranted in his furious (but hilarious) post.

"My f#cking cat is now exhausted and on a glucose drip - and this is my fault?"

Image via Mail Online

The hotel later apologised to Mr Zhao and offered to pay for his cat's drip treatment. He said that they also agreed to compensate the owners of any cats that Xiaopi managed to impregnate.

"They're going to compensate each pregnant cat's owner 500 RMB (approximately RM300), and have promised to sell any kittens on their behalf.

"The other owners have also told me they'll either give me a kitten or 1,000 RMB (approximately RM600) if their cats really turn out to be pregnant," he said.

Image via Mail Online

Xiaopi will forever remember his night ;)

Image via Tenor

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