Netizens Demand Justice After Seeing Paralysed Cat Brought To Court As Victim Of Abuse

The accused, who threw a 1m metal rod at the stray cat last year, pleaded not guilty.

Cover image via Mikail Ong/New Straits Times & kosmo_online (Instagram)

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A retired teacher in Penang pleaded not guilty at the George Town Sessions Court on Thursday, 18 March, to a charge of unreasonably injuring a stray cat last year

The accused, Cosmos Chong Say Hun, made the plea after the charge against him was read by the court interpreter before Judge Mazdi Abdul Hamid.

The 79-year-old was charged with wilfully throwing a 1m sharp metal rod at the cat, which caused it undue pain and suffering

According to New Straits Times, the offence was committed in the compound of a house in Lengkok Tembaga, Island Park at about 6.40pm on 15 November last year.

He was said to have done so after he alleged the stray cat had dirtied his lawn.

The female white and black cat, which has since been named Baby, was brought to the court on Thursday morning as evidence. She has been left paralysed since the incident.

Chong was charged under Section 29(1)(e) of the Animal Welfare Act 2015, which provides a fine of between RM20,000 and RM100,000 or jail up to three years, or both, upon conviction

The accused was represented by counsel Simon Murali while Department of Veterinary Services Department (DVS) officer Roziman Awang Tahrin prosecuted.

Chong was released without bail and the court fixed 19 April for mention.

Netizens who have seen the photos of paralysed Baby circulating on social media have since demanded justice for the cat

"Losing it over this photo. The cat named Baby, a victim of animal abuse, was brought to court as evidence. The tag reads 'C1' being Exhibit C1," said a Twitter user.

"Look at that face. Imagine them holding up Baby to the judge. Maximum penalty!"

Image via Twitter

Another said, "Poor Baby. By the way, if you ever see anyone abusing animals, you should report it. Animals deserve justice too!"

Image via Twitter

Meanwhile on Instagram, a netizen who claimed to be the court case's veterinary officer revealed that Baby has since been adopted by a loving family.

"So far the adopter really loves Baby and will be taking very good care of her," they shared.

The officer added that Baby initially had trouble passing urine due to nerve damage to the bladder, but the issue has since resolved with treatment.

They said Baby also now walks with a wheelchair to support her back legs.

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