Oyen And 3 Other Cats Wait Patiently On Sinking Ship While Thai Navy Swims To Rescue Them


Cover image via จ่าเฉิน เม็ดไทรทีม ยูทูป (Facebook)

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Yesterday, 2 March, a series of photos went viral showing Thai navy officials rushing to save four cats who were stuck on a sinking ship

The Nation reported that a ship had caught fire earlier and was sinking near Adang Island, Thailand. All of the crew had reportedly jumped off into the ocean before the navy had arrived.

In photos posted by Facebook user @nookool.b, four wet cats, that were stranded on the boat, are seen looking hopefully towards a boat of rescuers approaching them.

Upon spotting the cats, one of the rescuers swam towards the sinking vessel and carried each one safely on his back while returning to the navy's boat

Since Tuesday, 2 March, the series of photos have been shared over 15,000 times.

You can check out the Facebook post below:

Sometimes we save them and sometimes they return the favour:

Some cats are just built different:

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