Cat In Japan Dubbed "The God Of Making Biscuits" Due To His Soothing Baking Skills

He's working hard to fill orders at the bakery.

Cover image via @ccchisa76 (Twitter)

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Kneading, also known as marching, smooshing grapes, baking, and making biscuits — it's one of the cutest sights cat owners get to behold

While every cat owner would like to think of their cat as the bestest baker in the land, a Twitter user who goes by the handle @ccchisa76, recently shared a video of their fluffy kitty, Mirko, and dubbed him "the god of making biscuits", due to his love of kneading.

As warm orange sunlight beams in from the window, Mirko, close-eyed and content, pushes his paws in and out of his favourite round sheep plushie, showcasing his talent and methodical skill.

Many Twitter users have since testified in support of Mirko's divine status as biscuit-making god, due to the soothing effect the video had on them

Many even called him a "shining" and "divine being" worthy of worship.

"So divine. I want to him to make biscuits on me and receive his healing power," one Japanese user said, according to a translation by Grape.

"The gentle expression on his face is too much...I can feel myself getting sleepy..." another commented.

"So sunny and fluffy...I feel so at ease."

What do the paws of a biscuit god look like, you ask?

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