Pet Fluffy Kitties & Munch On Croffles At This Charming Cat Café In Cheras

We aren't kitten around, this cat café will have you paw-sitively delighted!

Cover image via Poppy Kat (Facebook)

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Located just around the corner of Cheras LeisureMall comes an eccentric and groovy café that'll have you paw-sitively thrilled

If you feel like carrying around a baby for a day, but can't seem to find an actual baby, head to Poppy Kat and snuggle some cats instead!

A great way to spend an afternoon, Poppy Kat isn't just a place for cat-lovers to converge, but to enjoy a nice meal too.

Stepping inside the café, lure yourself into a colourful and cheery locale that's bursting with bold hues and a distinctive charm

Blending the elements of classic appeal and retro style, the cherry orange walls are met with accents of red brick and brown leather

Accented with potted plants, this vibrant outlet seems to contrast the calm and soothing nature of their feline lodgers, who roam the halls of the eatery for their next pat (or snack!).

The perfect spot for couples, groups of friends, and even solo diners, stop by and be entertained by one of the resident cats during your meal

Get acquainted with the cats that have the run of the mill at Poppy Kat. They include Mimi, Grey, Luna, Artemis, Meow Meow, and Batman. Two of the cats (Mimi and Meow Meow) are rescue cats, adding to the upstanding message put forth by the café. Friendly and well-behaved, these cuddly creatures will gladly keep anyone company. 

Nonetheless, a few ground rules are in place for those visiting the café for the first time, or those who've never mingled around cats for an extended period of time. First, each cat must be handled with an absolute amount of care. This includes being gentle with them during interactions, and refraining from disturbing those that are visibly resting, or sleeping.

A common trait to those familiar with cats is that they can be light-sensitive. Therefore, all guests are encouraged to turn off their flashes when sneaking a photo of, or with, one of the house kittens.

Guests are also allowed to bring their own cats if they'd like, though they must be on a leash at all times.

Poppy Kat also has treats you can bring home to your cats. While there is a wide range of selection to choose from, some of their most popular bites include the Cat Sticks (RM2) and Meow Meal (RM7).

Not allowing their patrons to go hungry, Poppy Kat is known for an array of meals — including a serve of 20 different types of sweet and savoury croffles

Keeping with the 'café' aspect of the outlet, Poppy Kat serves their own specialty snack in the form of croffles — an adorably named amalgamation of croissants and waffles. With so many options to choose from, you'll barely know which to taste first.

If you're having trouble deciding, a store favourite would have to be their Matcha Lychee Croffle (RM15), which consists of crushed pistachios and a dash of dried rose petals.

Innovative in presentation, the Butterscotch Popcorn Croffle (RM12) is a sweet item that has popcorn pieces gently glazed over the top. And if you prefer something savoury, the Jalapeno Ham Croffle (RM14) and the Cheese Croffle (RM12) are surefire scrumptious pieces.

Besides their spread of croffles, try out some of Poppy Kat's heartier meals like their Big Breakfast (RM32), Japanese Curry with Fried Chicken (RM29), and Mr. Porto burger (RM32).

As the pièce de résistance to close out your meal, order from their wide range of beverages, which include coffees, teas, lattes, and kombucha.

Some of the notable options include their Biscoff Flat White (RM14) and Latte (RM12) for coffee lovers. As for the non-caffeine addicts, a delicate Lychee Grapefruit Rose (RM14) fruit tea, or smokey houjicha Oat Cha Cha (RM14) ought to do the trick.

Ready to get your cuddle sessions in and have a paw-some time?

Here's where you can find Poppy Kat:

34A, Jalan Nadchatiram, Taman Taynton View,
56000 Cheras, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.

Operating hours
10am-10pm (Monday to Thursday).
10am-12am (Friday to Sunday).

If you don't want to dine-in, Poppy Kat also has a delivery and self-pickup service on their website.

Website | Instagram | Facebook

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