11 Pet-Friendly Parks Perfect For An Afternoon Outing With Your Pooch

Get a chance to run around or kick back with your pets beyond the confines of your house.

Cover image via @mumu.maltese (Instagram) & @ytlland (Instagram)

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Over the course of the pandemic, we have all grown to do absolutely everything with our beloved pets

For pretty much every pet-lover out there, getting to spend the day or visit numerous places around town with your furry friends would be a dream come true. 

Here are 11 pet-friendly parks for you to visit with your fur buddies!

1. Central Park, Bandar Utama

Image via TimeOut

In what is now a converted football field, one of the most well known pet-friendly parks is located in Bandar Utama. 

With a fully gated surrounding, you'll be able to let your dogs run around freely while enjoy the warm sun and cool surrounding.

Oh, and there's also a pristine lake in the middle of the park for aesthetic photo moments!

Image via Foursquare

2. Pet Pavilion, Setia Eco Park

Image via World Orgs

As one of the only pet-friendly parks that allows you to unleash your dogs to run their hearts out, Pet Pavilion has a 3.15-acre garden that is the embodiment of a dream come true for your pets.

WiFi enabled, this pets haven consists of reflexology tracks, jogging trails, and a eucalyptus walk perfect for you and your canine. 

Image via Foursquare

3. Maya Park Eco Ardence, Setia Alam

Image via

Maya Park within the community of Eco Ardence consists of a long and windy jogging lane, with various activities to do around the township. 

As an alternative for less sporty individuals, a nearby retail space known as the Ardence Lab has various food and beverage outlets, which allow pets as well!

Loiter around from dawn till dusk, as this park allows you to watch the sunset with your furry companion before heading home.

4. Gamuda Gardens, Rawang

Amid the scene of rolling hills and a natural terrain lies the 50-acre pet-friendly central park in the Gamuda Garden community. 

With two waterfalls and five lakes, your pups will soak up the view of nature with you. Its joggers' favourite place to visit, bring your pets here next time you plan to exercise!

Image via Gamuda Gardens

5. Swim Paradise Park, Taman Bukit Desa

Image via Foursquare

If jogging or running does not suit your fancy, then swimming could be your next choice. And your dogs will love you for it!

Swim Paradise Park operates with a human-style sea salt pool for both owners and their dogs to jump in! With filter systems to ensure the pool is clean at all times, take a dip with your pooch or soak up some sun by the poolside.

Together with a variety of toys, slides, and floaties, your dogs will be safe and have loads of fun.

6. The Central Park, Desa ParkCity

Image via GoKelah

The Central Park in Desa ParkCity is a prime location owners bring their pets to for a day of frolic and fun.

Described as great for runs in the daytime, or at night even, the smooth concrete pavement and high security location will have you feeling safe and secured while bonding with your pets.

With pet-friendly cafes and restaurants nearby, don't just limit yourself to exercising with your pets, buy them a drink too!

7. Sentul Park, Kuala Lumpur

Located in the heart of the gated community, Sentul Park is described as the perfect sanctuary for dogs. 

With specially designed obstacle courses - such as frame-ramps, jump obstacles, and tunnels - those seeking to teach their dogs a little lesson in agility will love this park.

Furthermore, safety precautions are taken seriously with a dual-gate entrance system which ensures your dogs won't be able to escape the premises.

8. Lakepark @ Gravit8, Klang

Image via Gravit8

The central lakeside at Gravit8 integrates itself with the surrounding community development, allowing easy access to residents and visitors alike.

Priding itself on being the first pet-friendly park in Klang, the space was initially created for intimate gatherings and leisurely activities by the waterside.

Bring your furry friends to this immaculate lakeside for a picnic, or just a walk around the uniquely shaped walkway.

9. Cyberjaya Lake Gardens

Image via iProperty

If you're looking for a scenic and quiet park to spend some quality time with your pets, Cyberjaya Lake Gardens is the place for you.

With numerous bridges connecting walkways and an abundance of water lilies resting gently on the surface of the water throughout the lake, the serene view is the ideal place for a calm morning stroll.

10. Origami Park, Jade Hills Kajang

Image via The Grid

The three-acre wide pet-friendly Origami Park is named after the statuesque figure of the Japanese paper-folding art set in the centre of the park. 

As the first pet-friendly park of Kajang, it is open to all inhabitants who are looking to take a stroll or jog along with their furry friends. 

Often the scene for community events, Origami Park is a worthy destination to socialise with other animal lovers and owners.

11. Twentyfive.7, Kota Kemuning

Image via Gamuda Land

Quayside Mall has their first pet-friendly park! 

Located in Kota Kemuning, this park allows your pets to mingle with others and enjoy the fresh air. Dogs and cats alike are allowed, and there are also establishments to take a rest stop if you need to.

A premium pet service centre, FURIIStyle, is also located on the same grounds. Send your beloved pooch for a day of self-care, or even treat them to a spa day if need be!

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