Come And Pet Some Floofs At Malaysia's First Shiba Inu Dog Cafe In Johor

Is this heaven?

Cover image via Shi-ba Cafe (Facebook)

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Having a bad day? Need to de-stress? Just wanna be around some doggos? We've got the perfect little cafe for you!

Get into the mood for snuggles, because that's what you're gonna get at Shi-ba Cafe!

Recently opened this past February, Shi-ba Cafe has already garnered a reputation as 'the' place to go if you wanna cuddle some pups. A two-in-one for patrons, come for the dogs, and stay for the food!

Image via JB City Guide

Popularly known as hunting dogs from Japan, Shiba Inus are intelligent, even-tempered, and absolutely adorable

Currently, there are 10 Shiba Inus that inhabit the cafe. Founded by dog lover, Desmond Chong, the space was initially opened up as an escape for his six personal dogs to run free, after his neighbours complained about them barking.

It's an open area where all the pets get to roam around the cafe during operating hours.

Beyond the 10 Shiba Inus, the establishment also houses two Alaskan malamutes, one corgi, and one precious British Shorthair cat! Living in harmony, come and ravage all these cute creatures with pats and scratches.

Housed in a fully air-conditioned space, each pup is well cared for and prioritised to the fullest

Alongside providing proper resting time and maintaining healthy diets, the owner is dedicated to ensuring the well-being of his pups take precedent over anything else. 

As a source of entertainment for visitors, you can purchase approved dog treats from the cafe (that cost roughly around RM2) to feed the floofs. This is also a good way to lure them in for a snuggle session.

Currently, Shi-ba Cafe also offers a dog grooming service, and puppies for sale. Be sure to contact the owner of the cafe for more information, as only a selected few are up for adoption. 

The cafe also occupies the second floor of a shophouse in Mount Austin. However, there are plans by the venture to convert the third floor into a pet hotel, effectively contributing more services for the benefit of the public, and providing a wider area of inhabitance for their doggies. 

Entry to the cafe costs RM10 per hour, with the accompaniment of free soft drinks

While not extensive, there is a fairly liberal menu of beverages and foods. Most of the items are finger foods, such as popcorn chicken and fries, but there are also full meals — including their popular Japanese Curry Rice. 

Note however, that the dogs and other pets are strictly not allowed to have the human food items.

Image via JB City Guide
Image via JB City Guide
Image via JB City Guide

Ready to get your floof petting on?

Here's where you can find Shi-ba Cafe:

Image via JB City Guide

12-01 (Second Floor), Mount Austin,
Jalan Austin Heights 8/4, Taman Mount Austin,
81100 Johor Bahru, Johor.

Operating hours
10am-3pm, 4pm-10pm (Daily).

Entrance fee
RM10 per hour.

Facebook | Instagram

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