Penang Woman Dresses Her 61 Cats In Matching Outfits For Hari Raya


Cover image via @cats.territory (TikTok)

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To celebrate Hari Raya, a woman has recently garnered attention on the Internet for dressing her cats in matching outfits

In a TikTok video, 32-year-old Raziellia Nor Saafri, who hails from Penang, can be seen wearing a purple baju kurung, a traditional Malay attire, as she approaches her pet enclosure.

As she opens the enclosure, all of her cats excitedly run out wearing similar purple baju raya. 


Replying to @naamel1 Penuh rumah kalau majikan kita p beraya ni. Terlebih meriah. Get reay acik ankel, majikan nak p kutip duit raya #kucingkakaklia


Speaking to Harian Metro, the pet owner shared that all of the cat outfits were sewn by her mother, who took several days to complete them using 17m of cloth. Each metre costs around RM2. 

According to the interview, she rescued most of her cats from the streets, and she also has several Domestic Shorthair and Persian cats.

"I look after 61 cats, mostly rescued from the streets. They are like a family and will not be forgotten this Aidilfitri — so they have their own baju raya," she said.

It took her 30 minutes in total to get every cat dressed and ready in their outfits

She explained that she started dressing them at 10am and didn't let them wear the outfits for too long due to the hot weather.

Having always wanted to dress them in Raya clothes, her dream finally came true this year. And the results are too handle!

"This is the first year the cats have baju raya as last year we could not make it in time," she told the news portal, adding that they managed to prepare all of the outfits two months before Ramadan.

A ginger cat named Bubble recently went viral for being too 'chonky' to fit his into baju Melayu:

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