Handsome Cat In Need Of A Holiday Wears Hawaiian Shirt In Singapore

Human cannot holiday, cat can holiday.

Cover image via Keith Shadowz (Provided to SAYS) & Keith Shadowz/Singapore Missing Cats

Everyone deserves a break. Even cats.

An orange furball was recently seen sporting a Hawaiian shirt while chilling at an apartment area in Singapore.

In search of its owner, Facebook user Keith Shadowz shared a photo of the cat in a public Facebook group on Monday, 18 January.

He said that he spotted it at apartment blocks along Tampines Street 45.

The Internet, however, had mixed reactions to the cat's dapper look.

Although some said it was adorable...

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

... others were concerned for the cat's safety in the outfit, adding that it may not survive the heat

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

Speaking to SAYS, Keith said that he went back to the area yesterday, 18 January, but could no longer find the cat.

According to Must Share News, he had tried to help by removing the cat's shirt. But he only managed to undo its top button because the cat kept hissing at him.

Image via Facebook

Apparently, it isn't a good idea to dress cats in clothing because it can restrict their movement and lead to injuries

Cat Gazette explains that if cats are dressed in outfits, it can get extremely warm for them, even in colder weather.

If you're doing it for a few photos, it's fine. But it's best to not leave them in clothing for too long.

Watch how your pet feels and you'll be able to tell if it annoys them or affects them in any way.

These cats have become fashion icons in their own ways:

It's hard to not love cats when they have this much personality:

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