"He's So Chill" — Malaysian Woman Finds Stray Dog Casually Lounging On Top Of Her Car

If oyen was a pup.

Cover image via @olivia.hong (TikTok)

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It's not uncommon for animals to get up to some strange things that leave humans speechless — both in a humorous and cheeky way

A recent TikTok posted by Malaysian user @olivia.hong of a cute dog lounging around has been going viral on the platform.

The most intriguing part of the video, however, was the setting of which the pup was relaxing. In the 12-second feature, Olivia Hong can be seen approaching her car in a parking area, only to discover a fully grown doggo sitting atop the roof of her car.

Plastered across the screen was her caption that read, "POV: When you're walking to your car and this is what you see..."

Completely unbothered, he even presumptuously turns his head to look at Hong while she takes the clip, not in the slightest bit concerned by her presence.

According to Hong he casually got off her car later, offscreen.

Garnering major attention online, the TikTok video has since received almost 200,000 views and over 20,000 likes

A plethora of the comments compared the dog's behaviour to that of a mischievous 'oyen' cat.

"When he was small, he probably had more cat friends than dogs," wrote one user, while another stated that it was possible, judging by his behaviour, that he was raised by cats.

One TikTok user joked that all 'oyen'-coloured pets have the same problem.

Other users joked around as well, with one user saying that it was probably thinking "What're you looking at?" as Hong took the clip.

One more user said it probably felt warm and needed a good place to cool off.

One of the funniest comments definitely went to a person who said that Hong should pay the dog. "It looked after your car really well!" the user penned.

Watch the full TikTok video below:

@olivia.hong Things you don’t see on normal days and he casually walk down after that #malaysiatiktok #dogontheroof #fyp #petsoftiktok Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

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