"Where Did It Go?" – JPJ Officers Stop Cars On Highway To Rescue Oyen

The oyen thinks the highway is the best place to play hide and seek.

Cover image via Penang Kini (Facebook)

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Recently, traffic on the Seberang Jaya highway had come to a standstill with officers from the Road Transport Department Malaysia (JPJ) seen searching under the cars.

It seemed like the congestion had something to do with the search.

What exactly were they looking for?

In a video reposted on the Penang Kini Facebook group, an officer is seen lying down on the tar road, accompanied by a man wearing brown pants, to search for something under a white car.

The 55-second video was recorded from the helmet camera of a JPJ officer.

The clip shows the officer, whose camera was recording, along with two other men struggling to grab something under a car.

One of the officers then rushes across the fourth lane to a blue Perodua Myvi, before looking at the bottom of the car from the side and front. The caption on the video reads, "Where did it go?"

Seeing that his colleagues and passersby struggling, the JPJ officer with the camera also gets down to the road to look for the mysterious "thing"

The officer is seen pointing at a white car resembling a Toyota Vellfire to the man from earlier, before lying down to search under the car, but nothing is seen under it.

The text on the video, however, reads, "It's here now." 

Another man, donned in a blue polo shirt, then appears and searches for that "thing" on the back tyre of the car.

The officer then goes to the back of the car and gets down on his knees to search under the car, but, again, cannot find anything.

In the next clip, one of the officers looks through the tyre again. This time, he successfully brings out the mysterious thing that has been causing a commotion on the highway — it's a little oyen!

"Thank you, uncle, auntie, kakak, and abang, for waiting for me to be rescued!" reads the caption.

In the comments section, many abangs and kakaks were not surprised that the whole fuss was caused by an orange cat

"It's oyen apparently. No wonder it was all chaotic," commented a Facebook user.

Another user wrote, "Of course it has to be an oyen who behaved like this."

Image via Facebook

Netizens also did not forget to thank the heroes who went through obstacles to save the orange kitten.

A netizen thanked the drivers for their patience, saying, "Thank you to the drivers, too, who waited patiently (for the kitten to be rescued)."

Another netizen was also grateful that the oyen was saved even though the breed is known to be mischievous.

They said, "Thank you to those who helped. It's rare for an oyen not to be mischievous, everything went haywire just to save an oyen."

Image via Facebook

However, some said in jest that the oyen needs to be punished accordingly after all the chaos it caused on the highway.

One of the comments on Facebook read, "Fine the cat."

Image via Facebook

Check out the viral video here:

Somehow, the oyens are always busy causing mischief:

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