Content Creator Serves Special Sunday Lunch For Stray Dogs On The Streets Of Koh Samui

Niall Harbison has dedicated himself to feeding and caring for stray pups in Thailand since the beginning of 2022.

Cover image via @happydoggoniall (TikTok)

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In a now-viral TikTok video, dog enthusiast and content creator Niall Harbison is seen cooking up a yummy feast for some four-legged angels

In the 55-second TikTok, the video opens with a caption on the screen reading, "The greatest day ever for Thailand Street dogs..."

The TikTok then proceeds to show Niall put together a giant feast, which consists of carrots, broccoli, pellets, wet dog food, and topped off with some gravy! Continuing on, a further caption on the video read, "They got a Sunday lunch each, with gravy on top."

Niall then arranges the meals at the back of his pickup truck, and drives to the area populated with the doggos.

Serving each pup a bowl, Niall feeds all the dogs that come his way, adding captions to the video, which include, "Look at their happy tails."

Ending his video, Niall sends a message to all viewers who tuned in: "Just be kind to animals."

Duplicating the video for Instagram, Niall followed his post with a caption explaining the process behind his contribution

"I wanted to think up the greatest meal possible for the street dogs for a very special reason...", he began in his caption.

He then goes on to thank another instagram user, who goes by the handle @taayblue, for sharing his page and making a donation to his cause. Ending his post, Niall repeats his initial message, stating, "Happy Sunday and be kind to animals everybody."

Since posting the video on both platforms, Niall was able to rack up over three million views and 380,000 likes on TikTok

Many people poured in with support and uplifting words for Niall and his mission:

A fair amount of commentary even thanked Niall for his contributions, and for feeding the dogs that need the care and sustenance.

Taking his pursuit a step further, Niall even goes as far as to provide some of the dogs with medical and preventative care

Written within his Instagram biography, Niall's goal is to achieve getting aid and care for 10,000 dogs a month. 

Going on to create a DonorBox page titled, Saving The Thai Street Dogs, Niall welcomes in donation amounts that are 100% contributed towards the welfare of these fluffy canines.

Cover photo of the Saving The Thai Street Dogs mission.

Image via DonorBox

"I currently look after 80 street dogs by giving them food, medicine, vet care, and sterilising the dogs to help stop the flow of puppies," said Niall in the introduction of his campaign.

Breaking down all of the sub-categories each contribution will be settled towards, Niall also uses the funds to provide preventative care to pups that need it, and take on more dogs that require care. 

Niall also has a weekly blog where he updates the progress of his undertaking, and his overall journey in looking after the dogs on the streets of Koh Samui.

"I get endless pleasure in helping the dogs, and I hope to be able to offer that feeling to a bigger audience. So many dogs are going to benefit from this and it will directly ease so much suffering," said Niall in closing out his caption. "This campaign will be the start of something so much bigger in the coming months and years. Thank you in advance."

Niall and some of the many dogs he has cared for in the past few months.

Image via @niall.harbison (Instagram)

Donation amounts start at USD10 (approximately RM40) and can be made on a one-time or monthly basis.

To make a donation, click here to visit the Saving the Thai Street Dogs DonorBox.

Click here to read Niall's monthly updates on his blog, and follow Niall's journey on his social media pages.

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