[PHOTOS] Uncle Roger Shows That He's Actually Daddy Roger And All We Can Say Is Fuiyoh

Jamie Oliver has been real quiet since these photos dropped.

Cover image via @mrnigelng (Instagram)

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Disclaimer: This story probably isn't the best for children

London-based, Malaysian funny man Nigel Ng, or better known as his online moniker, Uncle Roger, was catapulted into Internet fame for his witty and savage comments

Usually seen sporting his iconic bright orange polo shirt and plain cargo pants in his online videos and appearances, Uncle Roger's claim to fame was being everyone's not-so-friendly-neighbourhood uncle who dishes out spicy comments on whoever dares desecrate the fine art of cooking fried rice.

Heaven forbid you use anything but a wok to fry your rice, lest the wrath of Uncle Roger's 'Haiyahhh' reign down upon you (we're looking at you Jamie Oliver). 

Well, one would think all he was known for was his comedy, sharp tongue, and iconic get-up right?

Apparently not! Because Uncle Roger just earned himself the title of 'Daddy Roger' when he posted a series of shirtless pictures of himself on Instagram and we are living for it.

On Sunday, 21 August, our eyes were blessed with MSG that is Uncle Roger. He exchanged his orange shirt for washboard abs and swimming trunks in a series of Instagram photos where he was photographed, posing at a pool.

Nieces and nephews never realised just how handsome Uncle Roger was! Haiyahhh!

Uncle Roger lookin' like a whole meal! A fried rice meal that is.

Aunty Helen is missing out!

Apparently this isn't the first time Uncle Roger led us into his thirst trap.

All the way back to 25 May on Instagram, Daddy Roger was born!

Daddy Roger could literally walk over me and I would thank him

Abs-olutely no reason to be looking this good sir!

Netizens are falling on their knees for these thirst traps too

Even Simu Liu himself, graced the Instagram comments section to respectfully profess his appreciation for the pictures. 

Although, as hot as we now know he is, cracking witty one-liners and being unapologetically savage are still one of Uncle Roger's sexiest traits.

Keep being you, Uncle Roger!

Speaking of thirst posts, Henry Cavill may have done one himself, whether he realises it or not:

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