"Put A Helmet On" — Traffic Officer Mistakes Mannequin For Motorcycle Passenger

"That is why our traffic enforcer missed it."

Cover image via Just Ride Palawan (Facebook)

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While it is no surprise that motorcyclists and passengers must wear helmets during their travel, it seems as though not everyone is bound by that rule

A recent traffic stop that took place in Puerto Princesa City, a town located in the Philippines, went from serious to absolutely hilarious in a matter of seconds after the traffic officer mistook a passenger for not wearing a helmet during the ride.

While from a distance the passenger can clearly be seen in a pink tank top and pink tights, with her hands around the riders waist, a closer inspection detailed her stoic and motionless presence. Oh, if we forgot to mention, she's a mannequin.

A local who was nearby during the incident took a series of photos and posted it on his Facebook page

The user, who goes by the user handle Just Ride Palawan, curated the post on 15 August, and captioned his photos with a witty statement.

"Something interesting happened to one of our car riders recently," he began. "She's so sexy, you wouldn't even realise she's not human, and that's how our traffic officer missed her."

Upon further inspection, it was discovered that the motorcyclist is an employee for a logistics company, Kiefer's Delivery Services. The mannequin itself, was on its way to be delivered to a customer.

He ended his caption on a high note, saluting the traffic enforcers for being attentive in Puerto Princess City. Here are more photos posted by the user:

The post has since racked up over 3,000 likes and been shared more than a thousand times, with many people commenting on the humourous incident

The author himself added a couple of funny comments. His first remark was, "Caught but not jailed," while a subsequent comment touched on her legs, as they were elevated to the front of the bike during the journey.

A slew of other commenters also joined in the fun, sharing some tidbits of comedy.

One commenter wrote and said, "If the Mrs saw it, the mannequin would probably be in pieces by now." Another chimed in and wrote, "Next time, just put a helmet on the mannequin."

One of the funniest comments, however, came from a user who took a closeup photo of the mannequin, and captioned it with, "[She's] angry now," referring to having been stopped by the traffic officers.

Check out the full post of the incident below

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