Former Miss World Malaysia Grabs Attention Modelling Chic Outfits In Bukit Bintang

Alexis Sue-Ann Seow, who was Miss World Malaysia 2019, has been making a fashion statement and captivating everyone's attention.

Cover image via @alexissueann (TikTok)

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We all love taking our OOTD shots for the 'Gram, but one Malaysian model is snatching everyone's attention with her stellar TikToks

Alexis Sue-Ann Seow already has the mark of a legend. In 2019, she placed first in the Miss World Malaysia 2019 competition, and went on to represent the nation at Miss World 2019.

Through and after her glorious reign, Seow has been keeping all of us on the edges of our seats, and her latest social media posts has brought a trend to the forefront of our attention.

Seow winning Miss World Malaysia 2019.

Image via Missosology

In the now-viral series of TikTok videos, Seow can be seen walking through the streets of Bukit Bintang modelling her outfits — and we're here for it

After speaking exclusively to SAYS, Seow mentioned her love for fashion and experimenting with her daily moods through the form of outfits. 

For the most part, the TikTok videos have the same framework; Seow crosses the boardwalk outside of Pavilion KL in her outfits for the day, while a member of her team records the video from the other end of the street.

Here are some of Seow's chic and stylish outfits:

Elaborating on where she got the idea to do these TikTok videos, Seow told this SAYS writer, "I was in the Pavilion area one day to shoot some pictures and videos for a fashion client [who] wanted an outdoor city-life look towards my content."

"After finishing what needed to be shot, I looked at the crosswalk in front of me and told my team to randomly shoot simple mobile videos of me crossing it, because I thought the colour of my outfit was striking and would stand out in the crowd."

She even posted a recent version of the series in London.

Going on to explain the outcome of the first video she posted, she embellished saying, "I left my phone for half an hour and came back to 400,000 views! It was really odd for me because it just seemed like some random girl walking down the street."

Picking up on a major fashion trend, Seow took the successful viewership of the video as a sign and decided to replicated the same concept with different outfits. Soon, it was clear that these TikToks were something her followers (and beyond!) loved to watch.

All of her videos have been smash hits, cumulating over two million views total from every TikTok she uploaded from the series thus far

The vast majority of the comments were positive, with her fans and the Malaysian public alike hyping Seow up for the killer outfits she models.

Some of the best comments, however, belonged to a couple of videos where multiple people make double takes to see what Seow is wearing

Some members of the public can be seen turning their heads in the background.

Image via @alexissueann (TikTok)

A few comments comedically mentioned the double takes, though it was all in fun and humour.

But some of the best comments that flowed throughout the videos belonged to a selected few that described Seow as "main character energy" — one of the most accurate things we've seen so far!

Click here to visit Seow's TikTok page, and watch the first video of the series below

@alexissueann Not me taking out my mask the moment I reached the other side . #fyp ZOOM - Jessi

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