These Besties Created A Trendy Thrift Store With One-Of-A-Kind Curated Looks

They've made these clothes look brand new again!

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Looking to spunk up your style? Get some of the trendiest items from this online thrift store.

25-year-old Genga Devi and Pritika Menon have known each other for what seems like forever. Friends since they were kindergarteners, both girls grew up side-by-side, and pursued their dreams steadily. 

Recently graduating from Monash University, Genga now works full-time in the e-commerce world. Pritika on the other hand, is currently pursuing an Australian Graduate Diploma in Law (GDPL) while working part-time. 

Indulging in fashion whenever they can, both girls always had a flare for what looks good, despite having a polar opposite sense of style. Working together, they found a fruitful balance and realised how they could use their differences to cultivate a world of chicness.

During the COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020, they bantered about the idea of running their own clothing store, and somewhat rattling the perceived norms within the fashion industry. Knowing that it would either be now or never, Pritika and Genga ultimately decided to start taking steps towards building a brand.

On 1 April 2021, in honour of Genga's late grandmother's birthday, Dolphin Door was born

Prioritising a goal to build a colourful and sustainable fashion empire, it was time for this duo to shake up the thrifting industry

Described as a space for people from all walks of life to express themselves through fashion and art, Genga and Pritika's idea was also to encourage a widespread audience to adapt more conscionable purchase practices.

"We want everyone to be able to express their identity and art through sustainable means of upcycling thrifted clothes," said Genga. "We embrace everyone's inner (and outer) kookiness, and strive to uplift them to have the courage to wear their hearts on their sleeve."

Using a mixture of pre-loved items and thrifted clothing from stores around the Klang Valley, Pritika and Genga admit to creating every design from the innovation of their minds.

While there have been bumps along the road, the duo disclose the joy they feel creating fabulous items with an important message

When discussing the origins of Dolphin Door, Genga was forthright about the financial struggles it initially took to open up the brand.

"We were not in any financial position to hire anyone for their expertise, so we spent a lot of time learning and understanding things on our own. For example, social media, marketing, accounting, [and] sourcing."

Though there were some tough routes to navigate through the journey, it seems as though Dolphin Door is finally getting its fins, and creating some of the trendiest thrifted items.

"That personalised whacky touch definitely takes us longer than most stores in terms of production and design. But the whole process of adding our sparkle to every piece of clothing we put out just feels more wholesome and fulfilling when interacting with our rainbow customers."

In discussing their goals for the future of Dolphin Door, they had this to say, "We want to be a completely environmentally friendly brand that offers a different shopping experience, eventually working with peers in the industry to halt the adverse impact we fashion mongers leave behind."

Sticking to their one-of-a-kind sense of style, Dolphin Door's policy is to continue being inclusive, and operate to cater to all members of the public, regardless of gender, size, or sexuality.

With major developments coming up, this will be your chance to snatch up a personal piece from Dolphin Door

Though they are an exclusive Instagram shop as of present day, the pair was excited to announce their pop-up shop at The Messy Club's 'Vintage Break Market' this coming Sunday!

Located at 22 Hub in PJ, the store will be up-and-running from 10am to 6.30pm, so you can head on over and grab some cute environmentally friendly threads.

The full details are as below:

And lastly, don't forget to support all our local businesses! Keep up with Dolphin Door to check out their latest fashion updates and newest arrivals.

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