Meet The Duo Saving The Environment And Making A Fashion Statement, At The Same Time!

Creating a variety of bags from upcycled materials, these two are changing the way we look at fashion in Malaysia.

Cover image via @naqybah (Instagram) & @hashadi_ (Instagram)

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Creating Hashadi in 2020, Harrith Hasmadi and Muhaimin Hadi have manufactured over 160 bags in just two years

Muhaimin Hadi and Harrith Hasmadi have been the brains behind the operation of their lucrative bag line, Hashadi, since it's very conception in 2020. 

Priding themselves in taking a politically sound stance, their creations are unique in that they cater to one specific factor: every bag is created from upcycled materials

From handbags to clutches, tote bags and purses, this dynamic duo has taken steps to manufacture the most alluring pieces through sustainable practices.

While working together is part of the charm that makes Hashadi special, Muhaimin and Harrith maximise their strengths as individuals

Muhaimin, who is a fashion student in UiTM, is in charge of designing and sewing the bags displayed on their Instagram page.

Harrith on the other hand, is an education graduate from UiTM, having studied Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL). Harrith describes his responsibilities as varied, from managing the Hashadi Instagram account, to engaging and dealing with their customers.

With a growing passion for design and an important message to push through, the creators of Hashadi are seeking to bring awareness to a timely issue

Even though Muhaimin is currently studying a degree in fashion, he was forthright about not always being sure of his interest in design.

"I've always been doodling since my schooling days. But my interest, as well as talent in fashion and designing flourished when I enrolled in fashion school," he shared with this SAYS writer.

With a growing concern towards environmental changes, these two utilised their skills and knowledge towards combating a global dilemma.

"It all started when I was cleaning my room," noted Harrith. "There was a pile of clothes that I no longer fit or wanted to wear. I read somewhere that clothes are filling up landfills, and they are causing multiple environmental problems. This is when I thought of repurposing the clothes."

Getting in touch with Muhaimin, Harrith asked his friend if he could transform these articles of clothing into tote bags. The rest was history. After the release of their first batch of bags in February 2020, Hashadi has sold numerous tote bags, pouches, and a handful of custom bags made entirely out of used clothes.

Idealising what it means to conserve and sustain, the array of materials used by Hashadi will encourage you to never waste again

When asked what the most unconventional material the men of Hashadi have used before, Harrith stated, "Initially we thrifted our materials, but nowadays we buy fabric or lace remnants from our friends who own their own bridal studio. So instead of throwing away the remnants, we turn them into bags."

But their creative process goes far beyond gathering materials, as the step-by-step process illustrates the conscientious nature of these bag creators.

"First, we'd go through the materials that we have. Then, we'd decide on what kind of bag best fits the material; [a] clasp, tote, [or] pouch. Then, we'd sketch a few designs until we find the right one. Then, the magic happens! The pattern making, cutting, and sewing process starts. Finally we'd take pictures of the bags and post it on our [Instagram account]," Harrith said in an exclusive interview with SAYS.

In asking what the key elements are to becoming a successful fashion designer, the duo credited one feature: Determination.

"Fashion to us is not just what we wear, it's how you express yourself, a lifestyle, and an identity"

The creators of Hashadi describe their aesthetic in three words: fun, bold, and one-of-a-kind.

In asking them what their favourite part of being a designer is, Harrith and Muhaimin had this to say, "It is definitely seeing our sketches come to life. The icing on the cake is when people purchase our bags and tell us how much they love it!"

Among some of Hashadi's biggest accomplishments include a collaboration with a group of INTEC students in 2021. Through the manufacturing and selling of a variety of tote bags under the Hashadi label, Harrith and Muhaimin raised over RM1,000, which was then used to get water filters for the Orang Asli community, providing access to clean drinking water.

Creating a movement behind their designs, the masterminds of Hashadi are paving the way for an industry that is more eco-friendly

When asked what advice Muhaimin and Harrith have for young designers out there, they had three things to say.

"First of all, pursue what you enjoy or do best. Trust me, you don't want to be stuck doing something that you hate for the rest of your life, especially when you've invested so much money, time, and energy into it. Second, try to make as many connections as possible. Lastly, never fret if you fail. You have to be quick [to] think of another plan, and carry on."

Illustrating their hope for the future of Hashadi, Harrith and Muhaimin hope the brand will be one of the main contributors to the upcycling movement in Malaysia.

Describing the best lesson they've learnt along the way, the duo had this to say:

If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together.

To check out their latest designs, and to make a purchase for some of their most iconic pieces, visit their Instagram page and give them a quick DM right here!

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