Malaysian Turns RM14.90 IKEA Blanket Into Chic Jacket

Blanket? No, cosy jacket.

Cover image via @brbsewing (TikTok)

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This is IKEA's POLARVIDE blanket. It costs RM14.90.

Image via Amazon

While most see it as just a blanket, this Malaysian saw it as a chance to show off her creativity – and we love it!

Ching went viral after sharing a recent video of how she turned IKEA's POLARVIDE throw into a stylish grey coat. 

Here's the video:


Turning an IKEA blanket into a jacket (back when we could travel ) #sewing #diyfashion #tiktokmalaysia #imakemyownclothea #ikeahackers

original sound - gigi

The 38-year-old, who teaches sewing at Maker's Habitat, Plaza Damas KL, tells SAYS that she made this coat in 2019 when she needed a jacket for her travels overseas.

"I had a tough time finding suitable fabrics locally, and when I saw that IKEA blanket, I HAD to give it a try to see if it would work. And it did! I am a size M on top and petite, so one blanket was enough for the entire jacket," she shares, adding that it took her two days to complete it.

It all began when she was 13 and had her first sewing lesson during Kemahiran Hidup

When she went home that day, she asked her mum if she could use her sewing machine.

"My mom is an amazing sewist and taught me how to construct clothes. She made a lot of her clothes and my clothes when I was a kid," Ching explains.

"From simple bag-making, I went on to altering store-bought clothes, and then on to making clothes from scratch. I have a petite pear body shape which made buying ready-made clothes a bit of a challenge. Once I started making my own clothes in the fabrics and styles that I like, there was no turning back!," she says, adding that she hasn't bought ready-made clothes in a long time.

Aside from the jacket, Ching has made cool items using unconventional fabrics, like a bomber jacket out of GE14 flags and a blazer out of kain pelikat


In 2018, we worked on this project from Kita Kawan Mah. Together, we form fabric of our country #sewing #tiktokmalaysia #patchwork #memade

Swing Lynn - Harmless

Her kain pelikat video has over 860,700 views since it was posted four days ago, with many Malaysians raving over it and asking if she sells these garments.

Ching tells SAYS that she'll "see how things go", as she's currently occupied doing what she loves most – teaching!


Back with another kain pelikat garment! Unlined blazers are good for our weather. #sarong #kainpelikat #sewing #diyfashion #tiktokmalaysia

edamame - bbno$

Inspired by outfits she's seen on-screen, the creative has also re-created her own version of Rachel's dress in Friends, J-Hope's top in Butter, and Wanda's top in WandaVision.

Sewing has given her the confidence to appreciate her body shape a lot more, she adds.

"I used to be very self-conscious about my body (especially my hips!), but after learning how to sew clothes that fit better, I enjoy being me more. And I hope to have a part in getting more people to love their bodies and be proud of themselves through the simple life skill of sewing."

You can follow Ching on TikTok to see more of her sewing journey. 

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