Guy Goes Viral For Holding 'Luxury Brand' Photoshoots Using Ordinary Items As Outfits

Budget but make it bougie.

Cover image via @phatblackcat (TikTok)

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There's Lowcostcosplay. And then there's this guy.

TikTok user @phatblackcat, who's based in Saigon, Vietnam, has been gaining millions of video views by turning ordinary items around the house into 'avante-garde' looks.

His intros start with a chosen luxury brand, such as Balenciaga, Dior, and YSL, which he then creates a look for

Using items like paper, baskets, polystyrene tapau packaging, and fruits, he sets out to craft an outfit — at one point, he even used a live chicken wearing pearls as a prop

You never know what he's making until the last few moments when he reveals the final results in a fake magazine photoshoot

Part-time dish washer, part-time model? @phatblackcat shows us that anything can become fashionable.

Watch some of his ingenious videos below:


Thử thách bản thân với đồ cũ ở nhà: vest của bố, xích của cún, hộp xôi ăn hồi sáng. Mọi người xem vui nha kaka. #goclamdep #prada #bienhinh #xuhuong #fyp #tichcuc #fashion #thoitrang #chupanh

nhạc nền - Chi Chi Linh - Chi Chi Linh

You can check out the rest of his videos on TikTok here.

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