Fashion Designer Melinda Looi Stuns Internet With Aina Abdul's Dress Made Out Of... Hair!

Real or fake hair? SAYS found out the answer from the designer herself.

Cover image via @melindalooi (Instagram)

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Creativity knows no bounds, and when freedom is given, it fuels creatives to achieve incredible masterpieces, which is clearly evident in this outfit

Local fashion designer Melinda Looi designed an outstanding dress for Aina Abdul, which the Malaysian singer wore at her recent live concert – A Night with Aina Abdul 2.0 – in Istana Budaya.

Given artistic independence, the designer decided to use hair – a whopping total of 150 wigs to be precise – as one of her main materials

Looi shared with SAYS that Aina's stylist contacted her to ask if she could make something extraordinary, using a rare material that she hasn't seen much of before in garment constructions.

"From there, the idea of using hair came about, and I knew that it would be something amazing," she shared, adding that she used wigs made from synthetic hair.

It took Looi and her team of seven – including three people on the base of the dress and four on the braiding – approximately one and a half months to get from conceptualisation to completion

Aside from hair, the designer also added a crinoline – a stiff or structured petticoat designed to hold out a woman's skirt popular in the mid-19th century – under the dress to keep its shape.

Looi's TikTok video, which shows the behind-the-scenes process, has been played over 2.9 million times since, attracting thousands of compliments on her work of art.

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

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