Man Brings Giant Boarding Pass To Sabah Airport & Makes Security Officers Laugh In TikTok

One of the officers even pulled out her camera to take a quick photo.

Cover image via @feifei_04 (TikTok)

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While most people try to clear airport security as smoothly as possible, one TikToker decided to have some fun while travelling

On 29 July, a TikTok user named Yin Fei (who goes by the user handle @feifei_04), posted a video of himself at an airport in Sabah, seemingly checking into his flight.

Nonetheless, he caught everyone off guard by revealing a giant boarding pass while going through airport security.

The 48-second TikTok shows Yin Fei displaying the pass to a couple of airport security officers, who couldn't help but burst out in laughter

Printed on an A0-sized paper, which is 119cm long and 84cm wide, Yin Fei unwrapped his boarding pass in what seemed like a never-ending process, to reveal all his flight details. 

Pairing it along with his identification card (IC), he presented his personal information to the airport officers to be verified.

Making practically everyone in the video laugh, no one was spared from his comedic display, with both officers also looking amused by the entire ordeal.

One of the officers even asked to take a photo of the massive boarding pass, while onlookers laughed at the spectacle in the background.

Scooping up over 1.4 million views and 138,000 likes since posting the TikTok, other Malaysians shared their takes in the comments section

One user told Yin Fei to just make a banner out of his boarding pass the next time he has a flight to catch.

A couple of other users praised his innovation, and for standing out of the crowd, while others asked him how he managed to print such a large boarding pass

Another user made a funny joke, suggesting that printing the boarding pass may have cost as much as the ticket itself.

A fair chunk of the comments, however, commended the officers for being good sports throughout the situation.

One of the commenters even stated that they are related to one of the officers in the video, that the man is his older brother. He praised Yin Fei for putting a smile on everyone's face, especially his brothers', after a long day of work.

Watch the full TikTok video below:

This isn't the first time someone brought a huge boarding pass to the airport:

On the more serious side of things, one TikToker shared why you should never share your air ticket details online:

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