TikToker Uses Bottles & Buckets To Show How God Created Malaysia — And We're Cackling

Andrew Soh, who is known for his hilarious TikToks, may have just topped himself with these videos.

Cover image via @andrew_oppa (TikTok)

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After opening a TikTok account back in 2020, content creator Andrew Soh has created a slew of hilarious videos relating to Malaysian and Asian culture

From impersonating 'aunty behaviour' to making funny gym workout videos, Andrew also had his hand in joking around with some of the most typical Malaysian stereotypes known to many.

Some of Andrew's videos on TikTok.

Image via @andrew_oppa (TikTok)

In a now-viral TikTok video, Andrew posted a three-part series depicting how 'God' created Malaysia

Posting the first TikTok of the series on 22 June, the video depicts Andrew as 'God', while using large water bottles and a bucket to 'create Malaysia'. Utilised as methods of symbolism of course, Andrew's video shows 'God' giving 'traits' (water from the water bottles) to 'Malaysia' (the bucket) to build the nation.

What followed however, was a series of gut-busting references that'll leave you cackling.

Beginning with a fact rather than a stereotype, 'God' poured some 'fertile land and many resources' into 'Malaysia'. The video then speeds up to adding a lot of 'hot weather' to 'Malaysia', only to proceed with an intense splash of 'RAIN'. 

While the 'good food' stream was generous, Andrew's use of a dropper for a single drop that signified 'Malaysian punctuality' had to be the icing on the cake for the entire video.

After a superb performance, Andrew then released the second and third instalments over the next few days — that were just as funny as its predecessor

"When God Created Malaysia Part 2" had a mix of true and funny content. Beginning with a pour of 'rich culture', arguably the best bit of the video was the pour for 'sense of humour'. While about a quarter cup pour through, 'God' (Andrew) stopped after looking at his phone.

Speaking in the video, his character said, "[Eh], the video got a bit of backlash? [Some] people ah, so sensitive. never mind la, give Indonesia", proceeding to take a smaller basin, scoop water out of the bigger bucket that was 'Malaysia', and walk away.

Some of the other funny parts even included a violent volley for 'traffic jams' and 'car prices'.

One of the best bits, however, was when Andrew used two bottles to oscillate between pouring 'English' and 'Malay' into the bucket for 'maths and science education', adding some satire into the TikTok.

The third and final instalment (thus far at least) was an apt departure from the former two. Not satisfied with his decisions, 'God' (Andrew) decides to give 'Malaysia' a tonne of positive traits, including 'good land', 'equal rights', 'integrity', 'punctuality', and 'unity', among others.

All seems well, until the ending when 'God' realises that 'Malaysia' (the bucket) has a hole, causing all the traits he added to leak out entirely. 

Cumulating over five million views and over 470,000 likes since, Andrew garnered exceptionally positive responses under the videos

Plenty of users were taken by the "Oh my self!" bit in Andrew's videos.

While others were simply entertained by the series as a whole, even comparing it to other Southeast Asian countries.

A fair share of the comments across all three videos however, stemmed from international viewers, who pled with Andrew to make similar versions of the video, but for different countries; including Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Hearing his audience loud and clear, Andrew went on to make sister versions of his series for other Southeast Asian countries

These videos were titled, "When God Created Thailand", "When God Created Singapore", and "When God Created Indonesia."

Using the same overview for his "When God Created Malaysia" videos, all three of the other countries have also done phenomenally well, with the "When God Created Singapore" video racking up over four million views.

While we're not certain if Andrew will continue his "When God Created ____" series, we'll be keeping our eyes peeled for any of his new creations

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You can watch Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of "When God Created Malaysia" below:


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