TikTok Conspiracy Speculates The Weeknd & Imagine Dragons Could Be Performing In Malaysia

After Billie Eilish and keshi announced live performance dates, this TikToker suggests that they may not be the last to hit the streets of KL.

Cover image via @izdrzk (TikTok) & GoLive-Asia

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We're all guilty of speculation every once in a while, but do some conspiracy theories hold more water than others?

A TikTok user who goes by @izdrzkk shared a video on 24 June, one day after Billie Eilish announced her performance date in Kuala Lumpur, and it's been gaining tonnes of attention.

In the video, the user begins by referencing a photo that was posted by Universal Music Malaysia on their Instagram page this past March

In the photo, the record company displays six 'air tickets' belonging to six different international performers — Billie Eilish, Olivia Rodrigo, The Weeknd, keshi, Imagine Dragons, and BTS.

A brief description for every 'ticket' is also provided, containing information relating to each performer that seems to be random at first. For example, Olivia Rodrigo's ticket stipulates 'Gate 20', 'Seat 4C', and flight number 'UMM002', among other things.

Universal Music Malaysia's caption reads, "Since concerts are finally coming back, whose show would you make happen if you had the chance?" coupled with a smirk emoji

The user then goes on to link a specific detail in the ticket belonging to Billie Eilish, and her actual concert date.

This is when things start getting suspicious.

He cites the date of Billie's performance, 18 August. 

After that, he goes on to point out a keen detail that's written in Billie's 'air ticket' within the Universal Music Malaysia post. Under the 'Gate' section, Billie's ticket is said to belong to 'Gate 18', matching the date of her performance in KL.

After releasing the TikTok, the user added a disclaimer in the comment section that read, "Anyway y'all this is just a theory! This might be true but maybe it's not!! [Let's just] hope for the best okay!!"

Causing a huge stir, many people commented under the post expressing their excitement over this presumption

Other users even went as far as to add their own personal assumptions on top of this theory, that relate to the other performers and their respective 'air tickets'.

But the funniest one of all would definitely be a user who stated that no matter who came, they'd probably not have enough money to go for the concert anyways.

Adding to this conspiracy, keshi's recent announcement of his concert, that's taking place in December, is giving light to an alternative theory

Image for illustration purposes only, the concert has since sold out.

Image via Live Nation Malaysia (Facebook)

Going by the 'Gate Theory' that was used for Billie Eilish, this same presumption does not seem to align with keshi's live performance in Malaysia, that was announced on 11 July, for 2 and 3 December respectively.

However, one of the comments under the TikTok offers a different possibility that's tied to the classic birthstone chart.

Related to astrological signs, birthstone charts are meant to enhance one's energy levels, and shift ourselves to the environment depending on our birth month.

Tying the performers' dates to the theory, Billie's 'air ticket' is green, the same colour as the peridot gem birthstone in August, for her concert. This carries forward to keshi's 'air ticket', which is blue, aligning with the colour of the blue topaz gemstone in December, also the month of his performance.

However, arguments can be put forth to debunk this theory as well. One could argue that Billie's 'air ticket' is closer to the colour of the emerald gemstone in May, which throws this idea completely off, or that keshi's ticket is closer in colour to the aquamarine gem, which is the gemstone for March, not December.

All in all, conspiracies are exactly what they are — mere speculation and presumptions that have to be taken with a pinch of salt. And so does this!

Check out the full TikTok here:


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